The forest is one strategic place to learn how to fight and how to win or learn.

The are various classes and different types of animals in the wild. Some herbivore others carnivore. These animals pose threats to each other at various levels with the herbivores at the bottom of the food chain.

One thing I like about these animals that I would apply here is their strategy of fighting.

The zebra, antelope, deer and the like strive to survive among their blood thirsty colleagues. Such herbivores do not run from cubs; which are a challenge suited to their capabilities. However, even if it is one cheetah against a hundred zebras, they would run until they can run no more. Even fully grown deers with horns for defending themselves would still run from a cheetah or a lioness or any member of the hunting family.

These animals would gain nothing but death in an attempt to stay and fight, and because they know it’s death and not a challenge, they run.

Many great people turn to nonentities in life because they fail to differentiate between a challenge and their ‘death’. Let’s enter the practical world shall we?
Samson from the Bible couldn’t differentiate between that which was meant to destroy him and all the challenges he faced thus far, ergo, his death. Muammar Gaddafi fell because he failed to recognise when to retreat and when to keep fighting.

Many other heroes fell for the very fact that they pretended not to recognise a decorated death from a suited challenge.

Even lionesses; which are the hunters of the pride run when a hyena attacks, they wait on the lion to come and face that challenge. And because they back down for such a challenge, they get to leave another day.

One thing to learn from this behavior in the wild is the ability to back down. The courage to learn that not every challenge is fought head on but some are meant to be fought with instant retreat or disregard. Most of these challenges that should be be fought with retreat instead of head on are temptations.
You find yourself in an environment that tries to force you out of your moral values, the best strategy is to retreat to your comfort zone instead of trying to endure. “The frog always dies because it doesn’t know when to run and when to stay.”

The Bible makes it clear that bad company corrupts good behavior. So before you lose yourself into fornication or gang robbery or any of the social vices, better retreat and run than attempt the swollen headed formula of trying to overcome.

Jesus the Nazarene himself departed immediately from his adversaries each time they tried killing him until the hour the Father chose before the beginning of the mission came.

When next you face a barrier, take the time to determine whether it is a challenge needing a head on fight or a destruction that needs disregard or a clothed death that you should run from.

When you think you’re too big to run, just remember the zebras and antelopes always outnumber their predators but they never stand to fight for they know when to run and when to fight or ignore.


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