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Validation of Course Registration for Examinations and Completion of Course/Lecturer Evaluation

1.      All students are requested to check their registration to ensure that they are dully registered for the first semester’s examinations.

2.      Any unresolved issues about registration should be reported to Room D1, Academic Affairs Directorate on or before the close of day Thursday 4th December, 2014.

3.      We encourage you to take a few minutes to provide management with feedback on the courses you took and lecturers who delivered the course.

4.      To make the process simpler for students, the evaluation forms have been made readily available at the page where you will check your proof of registration, starting from today 1stDecember, 2014 till the end of the semester.

5.      We assure students that their ID numbers would not be linked to the evaluation form; therefore, their identity cannot be verified by anyone.

Click to proceed to complete the  Course/Lecturer Evaluation

6.      As the University strives to enhance its quality standards towards achieving a world-class status, students’ assessments of the courses on offer and lecturers have become important and we encourage all to take interest in this exercise.

Click to confirm/validate registered subjects  (MIS)

Issued From
The Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Academic and Student Affairs



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