Life always looks better when we view it backwards. Trust me, if we could see tomorrow from today, there are many things in our lives now we won’t stress ourselves over. With the benefit of hindsight, we look at the past and one thing we can’t stop asking is, “So why was I really holding on to this person!?” Hindsight makes us view life in a whole different perspective.

And… that’s really how life is supposed to be! With the benefit of hindsight, we get to know that not everyone is meant to stay in our lives. Thus, if they want to leave, permit them to. Don’t ever try hurting yourself in a bid to keep such. They never meant to stay. Remember those boyfriends and girlfriends we used to make so much fuss about back in the day? Today, you see them and realize how silly you would have been should you have harmed yourself because of them. With the benefit of hindsight, it becomes even more obvious that no condition is permanent. Life always has better opportunities ahead. Remember that car you could have killed someone for? Remember that job you would have done everything and anything to get? Today, you see same and you realize that indeed, nothing is worth killing or dying for.

Life will always throw better opportunities at you if you are patient enough. What you are willing to die or kill to get today, you can surely get tomorrow without dying or killing.  I recently shared past pictures of some friends of mine on social media. Guess what. They agitated. They didn’t want others to see how they looked just some few years back. The interesting thing is… they were so proud of their looks back then. So… what really changed now!?   Such is life. With the benefit of hindsight, we see our past for what it really was. We remember how we looked back then and wonder why we were so proud of ourselves. We look back at what we did and wonder if we really did such. We have a peep into the past and wonder why we acted in such a silly way when we then thought we were all grown.  If we had a glimpse of what our future held for us, we would not have fretted over certain conditions. Only if we knew our future… Only if we knew where we would be tomorrow…  Today, we have a retrospect of the people we were dying over yesterday and wonder what really had come over us then.

That’s the power of hindsight. If only we knew what our tomorrow had in stock for us, we would have lived our today pretty much well… and more relaxedly. Tomorrow always has better opportunities. Always remember this.  If only we knew how our tomorrow looked like, we wouldn’t have worried ourselves over some situations we don’t have much power over today. Knowing what we can change is as equally important as knowing what we can’t change. If only we did, we would not have forced some things to stay in our lives.   I quite remember when I was about eight (8) years old we went to my dad’s hometown for a funeral. I made some friends there with whom I played football. In fact, I was utterly excited at the change in environment. In that regard, I insisted I wasn’t coming back to the city anymore. I wanted to school there. Can you imagine? I literally had to be dragged back to Accra… accompanied with some generous lashes. Chai!   I recently went back there and all I could ask myself was, “What on Earth did I ever see for me to ever think of living here!?”

Hindsight makes us look silly. It makes us look back at our past and have a good laugh at ourselves. Only if we knew, we would not have held on so tightly to some people and certain wishes. Hindsight makes us look childish. Only if we knew the greater opportunities life had for us…  With the benefit of hindsight you’ll know that life always had better opportunities for you. You’ll know that some people were never worth your time. Some relationships were just not worth your attention. Hindsight makes us look at the past with so much hope for the future. With the benefit of hindsight, you’ll know that life will always be better.  Don’t kill yourself over that gentleman who treats you like a thing. If only you knew, you would not have made a demi-god out of him. Don’t starve yourself because someone’s daughter sees no good in you. If only you knew, you would not have made her your ‘last chance’. There’s a man for every woman. Don’t strangle yourself to death because of another regards you as good-for-nothing. Just let such go.  Better opportunities lie ahead. With the benefit of hindsight you’ll one day realize how silly you were… trying to hold on tightly to certain people and situations. With the benefit of hindsight you’ll one day know that nobody was worth stressing yourself over.   Don’t die for a dead relationship/situation. Don’t force yourself where you are pathetically pitied. Let it go. If only you had the benefit of hindsight…

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (www.scribecommltd.com), a writing company based in Accra. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.



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