If Africa really needs change, let her try HER!


Shaeera Kalla & Nompendulo Mkhatshwa (Current and Incoming WITS SRC presidents)

‪#‎GirlPower:‬ See how much we have deprived ourselves as a people only encouraging our women to be ‘supporters’ to men.
In this picture is a powerful message of how strong women can be as leaders and how much results they can achieve as their male counterparts would have or even better.
In your shots are; Shaeera Kalla & Nompendulo Mkhatshwa (Current and Incoming WITS SRC presidents) leading students in the Second Best University in Africa according to the latest Times Higher Education rankings University of Witswatersrand againts the increase in fees in the school christened ‪#‎FeesMustFall‬.

Last year, 4 intelligent, smart, competent and indeed beautiful ladies in one of the four new halls in the University of Ghana were all clamoring for the Vice Presidency of the Hall during their elections. My colleague, Maxwell Agbagba and I were very troubled about why none of these ladies contested for the Presidency particularly given the fact that most of them did way better than the two gentlemen who contested for the presidency. It is as if their response was a popular chorus in a well rehearsed play – ‘I feel I can do best as Vice President’. Such nonsense! I’d say in my heart with disappointment. Guess what? All four of them lost the race to indeed an incompetent gentleman of whose caliber I am yet to see.

Not long ago, I interviewed another JCR president over some pressing mattes in his hall, and it was a huge embarrassment to my listeners and I. I mean ‘simple English he can’t spoke’! That is clearly how bad it was. How the heck is grammar useful to leadership? You are right. Ask His Excellence Dr. Goodluck Jonathan ‘di33 is grammar ooo’. I was most saddened when I was informed there was a better candidate but this candidate’s only crime for defeat was that she is a woman! How backward? Well, Dr. Addo Kuffour says voters don’t owe candidates any explanations for their choices.

But when quality is sacrificed on the alter of gender, then I have a problem.

If you didn’t know about #feesmustfall, just know this, ordinary students demanded explanations for a 10.2% increase in their fees. The explanations did not satisfy them. Their leaders demanded audience with the president. At the peril of their own lives, they won victory! The president inter alia declared a freeze on fee increment. This did not come cheap. It was close to examine time, they faced stiff opposition from authorities in the case of some universities and worse, stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets were their portion as the Police in S.A aren’t any saner than those in Ghana.

Even though I have had fears the president of S.A would not be an extra ordinary politician, the student won. And for this revolution to have started in Wits whose outgoing as well incoming SRC presidents are women, I couldn’t be any more proud.

Nompendulo Mkhatshwa (Incoming WITS SRC president). Photo: via Izile Mdoda (Twitter)

Nompendulo Mkhatshwa (Incoming WITS SRC president). Photo: via Izile Mdoda (Twitter)

Take a second look at the picture. The colours may be different but the struggle is the same and name of the game is solidarity!

Now here is to Ghanaian parents particularly the mothers, teach both sexes to respect each other and embrace their uniqueness.
The senseless pride you imbue in your boys must stop. Your daughter is not your rival. Bring out the woman in her! As for the fathers I refer you all to my old boy as a mentor extraordinaire[FULL STOP]

The Church I regret to say has been too guilty of suppressing our women. What happened to ‘Woman thou art loose’?

This is not an academic treatise, so let me limit myself to my targets before I land myself into trouble.

To my dear ladies. It is true that when you aspire for positions the gentlemen only admire your looks and pay little attention to what you have to say. Some embarrass you with an inordinate penchant of ‘feeling your person’ as if to test your competence in your body. These often happen under very nauseating stench emanating from their unkempt bodies. Suddenly you are called names – yes, all manner of names. You are threatened by some thugs who barely have found their purpose in life to expose nude pictures of you, y tapes, x tapes just name them. In situations where some these young men find you a threat, they offer you money to quit. I am not worthy to tell the story of the humongous challenges you face just because you want to serve. I hope one of you at least will be bold enough to share with me and at most the world what you have to endure all in the name of service.

This is not a man’s world. It is our world!

Do not be limited by the nearsightedness of “Doubting Debbies and Negative Nancies”. Use your resourcefulness. Kow-tow not to the rod of Pharaoh. There isn’t more than disenchantment awaiting you. Leadership is not a man’s thing, it is a human’s thing. Take your place. Release you gifts to the world.

Does it not interest you that of all the halls of residence in the University of Ghana, only Pentagon has a female president? Of course Volta hall is out because I can bet if any of the male porters could run for presidency, he would have won hands down.
I still have difficulty understanding why you are in greater numbers but you refuse to support yourself.

Tsagli is a Star gentleman

L-R Edith President elect UGBS, Tasgli Vice President elect UGBS

L-R Edith President elect UGBS, Tasgli Vice President elect UGBS

So while many youngmen on UG campus will approach a young lady and say be my running mate, Tsagli of the University of Ghana Business School asked Edith Akati to be his president. They will be sworn in soon as the president and vice of one of UG’s most prestigious schools. When you are competent, forward thinking gentleman will offer you the fruit of their muscles and sweats.

Today’s Man is your workmate.
He will encourage you.
Today’s Man is your playmate.
He will cheer you.
Today’s Man is a tower of strength
Not beat you but to strengthen you.
What about today’s woman?
Rise up woman, for in you lies the hope of the future!

If Africa really needs change, let her try HER!

Photo: via @PEACHESMOONY (Tumblr)

Photo: via @PEACHESMOONY (Tumblr)

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    I love this article, Caleb. Tell them, tell them ladies to go for the kill. Let them know, they could and can do better…
    Albeit, Caleb, would you be kind enough to whisper to me Nicodemusly, that competent leader, whose caliber is yet to be seen?..
    All the same, simple english he can’t spoke de333, 3ny3..LOL

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