The newly appointed Judicial Chairman of TEIN-KNUST, Mr. Suuk Obed, has vowed to take a retrospective view of the existing constitution of the association and, if possible, amend it.

TEIN (Tertiary Educational Institutions Network) is the Tertiary wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). The KNUST chapter of the association held their first meeting last week, 4th October, 2015, at the Queens Dinning Hall, during which their newly appointed judicial chairman hinted of his desire to change the existing constitution of the association.

He made this known exclusively to ugfile.com reporter Stephen Zando, when the association held their first meeting for the semester. He said the president of the association, Mr. Alhaji Majid, proposed to him right after his appointment that, if possible, they should take a look at the existing constitution and reconstruct the content of the constitution as it embodies many flaws and incomprehensible regulations.

“Yes, the President proposed that to me and I must say I have started reading it. Almost finished but so far all that were said seem to
be true. I will look further into it with my able deputy and see what we can do” he told us.

When pressed further if it is necessary to change the whole constitution, he said yes because he realized the constitution is full of errors and lapses so far from what he has read.

“As I said, I have not gone through all the content of the constitution but the little I have read is full of lapses. Yes we will amend it if possible because we want to have a readable and an understandable constitution in this association.”

He went further to say they would have to go through the appropariate process if they are to change the existing constitution. “We will go through the review process and communicate our findings to the general assembly but then we need to get a two-third majority consent of the association to go ahead and amend them.”

This means that if all goes through as suggested by the judicial chairman, TEIN-KNUST will have a new constitution.

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