I Had Sex with ‘Fresh boy’ Evandy-TF Robber to Save My Life – Victim Narrates


The court, where ‘Fresh boy’, ‘Evandy-TF robber’, is being prosecuted for multiple assaults and attacks on students last semester, has adjourned the case to February 26th, 2015.

The accused is a teenager, 18 years of age, by name Atta Kofi Kyei, believed to be behind the numerous attacks on students of the University of Ghana, later last year, during the first semester of the 2014/2015 academic year.

Most of his attacks were on women who plied the Evandy-TF road, after which he usually assaulted them sexually.

One of his victims narrated her ordeal to the court which was presided over by Mr. Francis Obiri.

According to the victim, the accused person attacked her on December 14, 2014, after she alighted from a vehicle close to the Presbyterian Boys Senior High School at Legon, to cross the street to the Evandy Hostels. While waiting for a clear chance to cross the road, the accused person emerged from a nearby bush, held her, ordered her to remain silent and threatened to kill her with a knife if she disobeyed.

In the prosecutor’s report, the accused collected her money and valuable items close to GH¢2,000.00. Then he dragged her into the bush, forcibly undressed her, and used the dress he removed from her to blindfold her. After blindfolding her, he forcibly had sex with her.

In the middle of the act, the victim realized she could lose all if she failed to have “good sex” with her attacker so she told the accused person to allow her to oblige in order for both of them enjoy the act.

The accused who agreed to her request removed her blindfold which allowed the victim to have a good look at the accused person during the act.

After the sexual intercourse, the accused person ordered the victim to leave the bush and never look back. While the victim was leaving the scene, the accused person ordered her to stop and then he handed her belongs back to her for good performance and obedience.

The prosecutor said the victim lodged in a complaint after the incident and was issued with a medical form with which she attended hospital.

However, on January 1, 2015, fresh boy attacked another victim, who is also a witness in the case.

He robbed her at gun point at the same area the other victim and made a way with one Toshiba laptop, an Asus tablet, a Nokia Lumia mobile phone, an Ipad mini, certificates, 2 pen drives and an audio recorder all valued at GH¢6,000.00 and cash of GH¢140.00.

During investigations, the complainants who visited the police station identified the accused person as the one who committed the offences against them and during interrogation, the accused admitted having committed the offenses against the first complainant, but denied that of the second complainant. After investigations, the accused was charged before the court.

Source: pulse.com.gh


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