Here Is The Ultimate Solution To Ghana’s Energy Problems – Kofi Bentil Tells Government


Following the recent #DumsorMustStop social media campaign and a mega demonstration led by Ghanaian female movie icon Yvonne Nelson, individuals and policy Think Thanks have blamed government for not coming out clear on the real problem the country is facing.

There have been several calls on government to put forward a clear medium and long term policy to address the energy crisis once and for all.

Mr. Kofi Bentil, the Vice President of policy think tank-IMANI, on Friday May 22, 2015 pointed out to government what he describes as the ultimate solution to Ghana’s energy problems.

In a post on his Facebook wall, Mr.Bentil outlined the plan he thinks can save Ghana from the grips of Dumsor.

“A thermal plant for each region! Making a network of 10 thermal plants, networked into a national grid! Fed by Atuabo Gas pipelines. With the WAGP as back up.

The Hydro dams must be dedicated to providing industries with cheaper power, and the thermal plants supply households, who should also have tax free solar systems for low load applications!

We need to remove all taxes from Generators and Solar systems. There must be no impediment in the way of anyone bringing Energy into Ghana!

By the way this is doable in 5 years. It takes 18 months 1.5 years to build a 400MW thermal Plant. With everything on board, we can do this in 5 years!!”

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