GOSSIP: He’s not F**king Me Because I’m Pregnant. (CASE STUDY)


FACEBOOK LADY (FL): Papa, will you have sex with your wife if she’s pregnant?

PAPA BONDZE (PB): How many weeks pregnant?


PB: Yes. And, It depends

FL: It depends on what? I am giving up my body, carrying your child,
and as a result of making this choice, have to forgo everything about

PB: What’s the problem, please?

FL: You men can be very selfish, mean. I hate you guys now- with a passion.

PB: Some men, genuinely are scared and feel a little uncomfortable
having sex with their very pregnant wives. How many months are you?

FL: Six months.

PB: I will not sleep with my 6 months pregnant wife. With all the big
belly showing? It’s like, my baby is there ‘watching’ me mess around
with you.

FL: Smh. You men are all the same. Can you believe my husband, now
tells me- I want sex too much?

PB: How about foreplay?

FL: Papa, it’s like pulling his teeth. He is giving me a million and
six excuses (most of which wouldn’t have even been a problem before I
was pregnant) and spends more time arguing with me about why we can’t
have sex.

PB: How does his sudden actions make you feel?

FL: I feel unloved, unattractive, un appreciated, and very insecure
about myself and our relationship. Papa, I’m sick of feeling this way,
and being all hormonal and emotional.

PB: How was your sex life before pregnancy?

FL: It was frequent, and intense sex life before.

PB: Most men, naturally- do not find their wives sexually attractive
when she begins to show. A pregnant woman, to some of us- is ‘off the
market’ sexually.

FL: My husband watches porn too. It makes me feel terrible, unwanted,
sick. I feel like if that’s what you want, why can’t you do that with
me, huh? Why is masturbating now better than sex for him?

PB: Well… Guys are visual creatures. The PREGNANT partner is
definitely not the sexual partner we have known.

FL: I see. So, assuming I’m going to be giving birth to your child; I
have given up my girlish figure and smooth, fine, flawless skin on my
abdomen- to do this just for you, what could be so ‘bad’ about you
giving me the attention I so richly deserve?

PB: There is nothing bad about that; but- what if you’re not up to sex?

FL: I dearly love my husband and find him extremely attractive
everyday. I want him, want to be close to make love to him, to be
desired by him, touched, loved, appreciated and cherished by him.

PB: I see a pregnant woman as BEAUTIFUL: because we make you that way.

FL: My husband’s rejection for carrying his child is one of the most
hurtful things he’s ever done to me.

PB: I am so sorry you’re going through all this alone.

FL: He’s cheating on me with a student at the University of …..

PB: Oh, no. Come on. I doubt that

FL: I had him followed for the past weeks. The same girl. The same
apartment after work. I even have photos of them kissing on different
occasions (On phone)

PB: Now, that’s bad.

FL: I haven’t talked to him about it because, I don’t want to stress
myself and the baby so much.

PB: You know what? Take him with you to your next doctor’s
appointment. Don’t point any fingers at your husband’s sudden
behavior. Just politely ask your doctor (with your husband there) if
it’s safe to have sex while you’re pregnant. Ask him if sex will hurt
the baby at all, etc. Hearing it from a professional’s mouth may ease
his worries and fears, if any.

FL: Papa, the fact on the table now is: he’s cheating on me, because
he doesn’t find his pregnant wife sexually attractive. He is showing
me who he really is- so I believe him. He’s unfaithful.

PB: As a husband, he’s supposed to make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

FL: I don’t want his attention anymore. I will get through this all by myself.

PB: I’m so sorry you feel this way.

FL: Like I’ve been saying to my husband everyday,

“I am pregnant!! I’m not dying!”

Papa, that hypocrite I married- now makes me beg for sex. Do you mean
to tell me- if he were sick, I would ignore him like he is ignoring me
now? I cannot wait to teach that bastard a lesson when I get back in

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