The streak of vengeful lovers continues with a gruesome killing in Accra this week. As usual the woman was the victim here but that goes without saying. The crime report returns with a suicide, some child defilement (which has been taking the back seat these days) and some gay news makes a welcome return. Get your glitter ready y’all! gay-africa

Before I get down and bloody let’s give some thanks to the good lord – no child was battered this week. No kids were poisoned to death. No boys were strung up and subjected to traditional Chinese torture techniques and no little girls had their hands stuffed in burning coal. Thank you black kinky haired Jesus for keeping the young ones safe (all though that means there is a kid somewhere with some festering wounds).

First up a 28-year-old Teacher has allegedly committed suicide by ingesting a poisonous substance at a hotel in Koforidua. I hope he at least didn’t pay and had the time of his life before taking the coward’s way out. The deceased, Essah Samuel, died at the Koforidua regional Government Hospital after he was rushed there for medical care by staff of the hotel.

Essah was found vomiting by an accountant working with the hotel and he later fell unconscious. Police were soon involved in the situation and I wonder if they charged Essah with anything because I do believe suicide is a crime. The police attempted to interrogate the dying victim but were unsuccessful since he was only – well – dying. Essah was pronounced dead the following day – operation “off myself” complete. The police are still looking into the matter and Essah’s family has been involved

The crime scene had the leftover rice which was laced with the poisonous substance which was contained in a small Voltic bottle. Shame on you Essah I say. Not only is it a shame to kill yourself, the real tragedy here is Essah going out on a place of rice.  Where was the Fufu or the Red Red? Damned rice as your last meal. Even if I was a vegetable on life support I would be helping myself to a Fufu with groundnut soup smoothie in my drip. Jesus isn’t happy with suicides. He is even unhappier with poor culinary choices underpinning it too.

Gay news time – queue something from Ofori Amposah.

Homophobia continues reign in GH as an angry mob attacked a man suspected to be a gay in Kumasi on Tuesday. The victim, believed to be in his late twenties, was reportedly wearing a green shirt and khaki shorts. Oh, he also had makeup on. I wonder if he exhaled glitter too.

An eye witness said the suspected gay man came to the area to buy clothes from street hawkers and when folk around set eyes on him and his made up face they vexed up and started throwing sachets of water at him. It took the intervention of the Kejetia Police to save his life because things were heating up.

The hawkers struggled with the police officers demanding the release of the suspected gay man to be lynched because being gay is the only thing worse than stealing fruits in Ghana. I want to give some words of comfort to the (lower class) gay brethren but come on guys, even the women are  still fighting for some decency. The gay acceptance is decades away I reckon.

Before I move on to the story of the week let’s put a check mark on our weekly pedophile entry. A Circuit Court in Accra has sentenced a mason to seven years imprisonment for defiling a 14 year old girl here in Accra. Eric Quarshie, charged with defilement, pleaded guilty and the court convicted him on his own plea. Quarshie told the court that when he met the victim and proposed to her she told him she was 16 years old. I suppose that counts for something in his head.

This 14 year old appeared to have run away from home 2 years ago after fearing some punishment from her mom. Quarshie was already known to this victim as he resided in her neighborhood and he reportedly had proposed to this then 12 year old(?) leading to these young lovers moving in together. A pregnancy followed. It was a beating versus a pregnancy. Like most 12 year olds she chose wrong. What can I say – kids?

After the pregnancy dropped, Quarshie negotiated with the victim’s parents to take care of her and the child with the victim having moved back home after the pregnancy. The idea of parents negotiating after this RAPE is sickening. The disconnect in these parent’s minds (and many others) is chilling but I’ll just sip on this tea here. you find your underage daughter pregnant, you go to the police and DOVSU. it’s a simple equation and one that has to be drummed in some parents head.

The police only later came in because Quarshie wasn’t pulling his weight on the baby end. He was arrested on October 30th and his cheap pedophile ass will be locked up till I turn 30. The parents should be queried too. One of these days someone will be used as a scape goat.

So the major happening that pierced through the news cycle this week saw a student at the University of Professional Studies stabbed to death by her jilted disillusioned ex lover

Paul Evename, a taxi driver on the side, wielding a knife and ill intent reportedly stabbed his victim, Jennifer Atieku, several times in the head, neck and in the chest and pictures – weren’t that gory actually. I expected something more savage to be honest but nothing out of the ordiary. I still wont post the pictures tho.

The suspect went on to attempt a suicide after his attack by stabbing himself and was been rushed to hospital while the body of deceased had been sent to the morgue. Narrating the incident to a journalist with Citi Fm, the victim’s brother was getting ready for lectures when the perp just came in and stabbed her several times before stabbing himself. Motives for this grisly craziness were initially unknown but early reports indicate that there were suspicions of cheating so I guess a dramatic overreaction, as always, was warranted.

The plot however thickened following the murder – First police say this taxi driver was granted bail a day before the murder. According to the Police, the deceased, Jennifer Atieku, had reported death threats she received from Paul so the police arrested him but released him on bail.

Paul has since spoken to his actions saying he could could not stand the pain of being jilted. In his statement to the police, Evename said he had been in a relationship with Jennifer since 2011 and that he loved her “so dearly that I am unable to sleep without hearing her voice”. Recipe for disaster I say. “That was why I did not want her to break up with me” he added.

Jennifer did break up with him over the phone on a night when she claimed he had shouted at her. I want to say she went too far by breaking up with him because he yelled at her and the over the phone thing wasn’t the best way to convey a breakup but we have heard the whole thing about looking for signs of aggression early on and jumping ship. I guess Jen here saw the signs, jumped ship but unfortunately for her Paul was a shark,

“Even though I apologized and told her I was in a bad mood because a friend who owed me had refused to pay, she insisted we ended the relationship,” he continued in the statement. Paul tried to mend the relationship but Jennifer snubbed him anytime he approached her. “I sometimes wait in my taxi all day for her to close from her lectures and then she will be in the company of other men and when I call her, she snubs me,” he said.

Later Jennifer dropped the nuke – she told him that as a university student she could no longer go out with a taxi driver. Oh LAWD! A lot of drama followed with Jennifer’s brother warning him off and the death threats with the cell time following. All this led to contemplations of suicide on the part Paul. He poured acid from his car battery into a container which he attempted to drink but just as he was about to drink up the acid in a truly painful suicide a police vehicle pulled over by his car and he got cold feet.

Can we blame that police man for the violence that followed because that Thursday morning because he went on and bought a knife for 5 cedis and then went to straight Jennifer’s hostel. He knocked on her door and she answered and chuckled when she saw him and then shut the door. When he knocked again, Jenifer came out and there was a bit of an argument so he went for the knife from his taxi. The rest we know is bloody history.

ups-student-killer-487x330Paul has since been charged with murder and attempting to commit suicide (which is a crime) but you wouldn’t think this man was in for a world of hell. He sleeps so peacefully. Definitely the crime of the week this one and more intimate than the spate of arsons and acid attacks that came from jilted lovers. There is something half-hearted about burning someone or splashing acid on them but a stabbing shows you really are a scorned lover. I appreciate Paul’s earnestness here but he crazy is the last thing I’ll say.


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