Free Passport For UG Students?


The Students Representative Council of the University of Ghana has issued a notice informing students of a free passport registration for all students of the university.

According to the notice signed by Mr. Richmond Asare Tinkaro,  University of Ghana’s local NUGS President,  the project commences on the 12th of October, 2015 and ends in two weeks. The registration process however is set to begin on Friday, 23rd October, 2015.

It further stated that interested applicants should provide their details i.e name, contact and student ID at the Security desk of the SRC Union Building. The requirements are: filled passport forms, biometric birth certificate and a copy of ones students ID card.

Students with expired passports are not left out as they are required to simply provide their filled passport forms and student’s ID.

The modality, the statement said is on first come first serve basis.

Several students have missed opportunities of a life time to travel outside this country for life transforming events. Many are those who have suffered from the hands of swindlers who defraud students of colossal sums of money without delivering on the promise of providing passport. The free passport registering therefore comes as a great news to the student body.

Mr. Asare said the leadership is liaising with the passport secretariat to ease the process for students .

“Under normal circumstances when you want a passport what you do is that you buy the forms and go along with your passport and there are some agents who also charge huge sums of money in processing alone . But we liaise with the Passport Secretariat in order to prevent students from paying such sums of money for those so called agents and all”. he said.

Per the arrangement, students have to buy the passport form and present it to the Union Building for processing.

It is unclear the “free” component of the project as all one has to pay for in getting a passport is the form.

Undoubtedly, the SRC will save students a lot of stress if this deal works out. From the current arrangement, the number of students interested will be collated . A great number will be expected to sign onto the project. That makes a lot of economic sense for the passport secretariat with relatively less hustle.

Desperate Ghanaians in a queue at a Passport Office

Desperate Ghanaians in a queue at a Passport Office

It is at this point that the SRC has a great opportunity to seal a good deal for University of Ghana students.

Point three of the strategic objectives under Internationalization of the 5 year Strategic Plan of the University of Ghana SRC gives some strategic guidance to the leadership.

“The SRC should partner travelling and tour agencies, embassies, airline operators, organizations and institutions to reduce ticket prices or give discount to students who travel for special programmes beneficial to the SRC”.

The administration will etch out its name in gold as that one that was able to push harder for a discount for students of the University of Ghana to get easy access to passports in record time.

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    Kudos SRC!AYEkooo in advance.
    Any provision for Alumni?

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    Ani provision for students who have completed?? Think about us too wai

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