Female Student of the University of Ghana Stabbed by Lover


Blood on the floor after the incident

A female Diploma in Adult Education student of the University of Ghana has been stabbed by her lover today ( 16th June, 2017). The incident happened on Legon Campus in the Akuafo Main Hall, P Block, Room 12.

The victim, Zara Hussein, sustained a deep cut in the neck after her lover, named Ibrahim Musah, stabbed her with a broken  ceramic receptacle( toilet bowl).

According to eyewitnesses, Musah who is not a student had been trying in vain to reach Zara on phone and therefore decided to come to her on campus. Upon arrival, he was stopped by Zara from entering the room. But he insisted and was reluctantly allowed  in, whereupon he found another man in her room.

The perpetrator, 42-year old Ibrahim Musah, hands dripping with blood.    Credit: radiouniversonline.com

Suspicious that the man was her lover, Musah confronted him and an altercation ensued. Zara reportedly sided with the other man and this enraged Musah . He rushed out of the room and returned with the broken receptacle with which he hit and stabbed Zara.

Students came to her rescue, and restrained Musah who tried to escape when he discovered that Zara had become unconscious.

Zara has since been rushed to the University of Ghana Hospital.

Meanwhile, University Security has arrested and  handed over Musah to the Legon police.



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  1. Akorsihu bright says:

    i guess musah should assist de government in 55yrs imprisonment so when he comes back it would be a leson to him

  2. boatengaidooakwasi says:

    Please this man need psychologist to check his mind after that he must sentance imprisonment and hard labour for 47yrs of been doin search a rude action

  3. Esther says:

    The girl is a foolish girl and has to die

    1. baaba says:

      U are de one who has to die for posting such a foolish comment…why is love byforce…if she dsnt lyk him anymore she has de ryt to dawg him…foolish girl

      1. Akosua Achiaa says:

        I agree with u Baaba
        Esther u need to die for posting this

      2. Cyril Alando says:


        Do u kno the facts of the case yet, the two of u?

    2. Fritz Moses says:

      You think she needs to die? What are your reasons?

    3. Akua says:

      How on earth can you say this
      It could have been you or me
      Next time construct your sentences well

    4. Addae says:

      Esther, please explain your rationale your atatement is confusing

    5. Shirley says:

      How foolish is the girl
      They never said she was doing something intimate with the other guy shouldn’t she have male friends because she is dating. You are a girl yourself so wait till it happens to you then you’ll know how foolish you are…

    6. Quality says:

      What is wrong with u?…ewww such a disgrace..am pretty sure ur name is nt Esther mpo…bcos u are ashamed of ur own identity…y write such a cruel comment. If u don’t have anything to say shut up and sleep…nonsense

    7. Thelma Agyeman- Danso says:

      Such a stupid comment from a bitch like you… Fuck your mother and screw your father… Do you know the real story… Don’t fool there before you receive your death sentence… God curse your entire generation… Stupid girl… Am Thelma Agyeman – Danso and I said so… Go look for me… Can get me on Facebook siffany Thelma Asante.. come look for mi make I dress you… Idiot… U fool paaa… You will suffer I swear….

      1. David says:

        Though de comment was not gud bt u must ve a respect to her parents*** other dan de insult plz

  4. Lamiatu says:

    What’s all this.I think there should be a thorough investigation first before any action buh in the mean time Musah should be arrested and examined by psychologist and allowed to tell why he did that

    1. Thelma Agyeman- Danso says:

      She is my course mate and the issue is that foolish man broke up with her and she decided not to go to him as usual to plead to be accepted… That cause the issue… So u stupid Esther.. shut up… Ma sweet frd is Esther and I bet she is civilised to make such comment… I wish I knew you… Like you will join ur great grandparents…

  5. Khristo' says:

    My people. Let us be wise any time we find ourselves in the company of women. You know they are ‘ever right in speech and deed.’ Our mothers, aunties, and sisters dont really know who man is; only our granmothers do. The best option is to hold yourself and walk away when any lady disrespect you. Go and work on yourself and when you are done you will see them running after you like bees. Sorry bro. Just a little discipline turned sour. Follow Jusus and be wise. God help men.

  6. Fad says:

    No one should examine musah ..what he did was murder ..he should b sentenced to death that’s alll

  7. May says:

    this story line keeps repeating itself, dating isn’t marriage even in marriages there is a divorce, so y then shld break up be a problem?weda he is right or wrong, he has committed a serious crime n he ought to be punished accordingly. Is love too by force ?

  8. KFY says:

    Musah should therefore go to prison, that is right, no question about that. But we should not end there. Need a thorough investigation of the case. Please let us have Jesus in our heart, let us accept to work with him. A probably young lady with an old Musah and probably not only Musah. Musah an old irresponsible man going round destroying young ladies future. Let us be careful, that is not life old man and young lady. You will never find joy and happiness in such things.

  9. Marcus says:

    Where is the fruit of the spirit ,if u don’t have this seed planted in you ..you always do things that are not right in the sight of God..l agree wit Lamiato

  10. Dee says:

    Esther, your post is very foolish. Is love by force even if the girl was cheating on him must he stab her? Esther I’m certain you have a mental problem. And musa must be punished accordingly.

  11. Rita says:

    Ladies should try n examine their men if they are quick tempered u better advise ur self before such a thing happens. Like Wise the men. Musah must be punished no two ways abt that.

  12. Daniel says:

    Why is every one lambasting Esther ? You all aired your views and she did too so why the hate ? If there was no hidden agenda why was she restricting her man from entering the room? Girls stop taking men’s money and resources when you clearly know u don’t love him ,don’t be like I will use him Small and leave him else u will leave yourself dead .

    1. Thelma says:

      Adey she loved him… Wen they were together… He broke up with her wae… And she never cheated… Mush has this mistrust in ladies… He never trusted her… He was over protective… And jealous…. He almost fought with our class rep sake of he saw him in her room… And all our class rep was doing was explaining stuff to her…. Since she was not present that day in class

      1. Thelma says:

        Abeg ***

  13. Fiifi says:

    You don’t have to blame the ladies, you know guys hardly give up on a lady, they keep pressuring till the lady agree even though she never want, and these brings about different issues.

  14. David says:

    Musah must face against the law!
    Bt I’ll advice my ladies dat nt all relationship can end in marriage so dey shud b careful on de guys dat dey ar dating

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