Esinam Needs a ‘Repeat’, Amofa Needs a Polling Station at South Campus…


Fact Sheet

Total Voter turnout for Presidency: 6,653

Amofa Emmanuel : 2,051- (30.83%)
Esinam Seade: 1,960- (29.46%)
Others: 2,642- (39.71%)

At the end of first round of voting, Amofa Emmanuel placed first with 91 votes ahead of Esinam Seade. All candidates failed to obtain more than 50% of the votes cast. A total 6,653 votes (1,202 less than what was recorded last year) was recorded as the turnout for the Presidential slot. With 5 candidates out of the race, we proceed with the assumption that not more than 50% (1, 321) of those who voted for the other 5 candidates will participate in the run off.
The remaining 50% (1,321) with all other factors held constant and operating with same assumption stated above as basis, will be up for grabs. This will mean a turnout of about 5,332 is expected. It is worthwhile to note that the 1,321 votes if won entirely by one candidate will give that candidate a more than 50% votes (55% for Amofa and 54.23 for Esinam (NB, 1,321 is 24.77% of 5,332).

Polling Stations

Out of 16 polling stations, Esinam won 6;
• Volta Hall – 24 votes more than Amofa
• TF- 24 votes more than Amofa
• Evandy- 14 votes more than Amofa
• Legon Hall- 12 votes more than Amofa
• Jubilee Hall- 74 votes more than Amofa
• Info Centre -130 votes more than Amofa

Amofa won 5 polling stations;

Commonwealth – 271 votes more than Esinam
Akuafo -27 votes more than Esinam
Sarbah -29 votes more than Esinam
Kwapong -289 votes more than Esinam
Korle-Bu – 40 votes more than Esinam

Allen’s Stations

It is no surprise that frantic efforts are being made by both camps to get the endorsement from Allen Obeng Asare. Allen obtained 1,781 (26.77%).
While Allen appears unperturbed by the need to throw his weight behind someone, a look at the 5 polling stations Allen won with focus on Amofa and Esinam reveals something interesting;

Jean Nelson Aka Hall

Esinam placed second, 142 votes more than Amofa. It is worthwhile to note that Esinam’s Veep, Richmond Dompreh is a resident of Jean Nelson Aka Hall which means it will be much easier for her to stake a claim at that station come run off.

Hilla Limann Hall

Esinam placed second, 47 votes more than Amofa

Bani Hall

Esinam ranked higher than Amofa with 18 more votes.

Allen won at Pent. He obtained 2 votes while Esinam got the remaining 1 vote.This station had a challenge; out of 2,000 residents of the Hall, only 150 names were in the voters register used on the day of election.

Elizabeth F. Sey

Esinam was second once more, 80 votes more than Amofa.

Amofa’s Focus

If Amofa intends to secure more votes than Esinam and succeed at getting more than 50%, he will certainly need a polling station in addition, but not every station can help his fortune. For some stations, the margin between the two is a slim one and can easily be overturned but such stations won’t be enough to gain.

Stations like Legon Hall,Volta Hall and Tf which were won by Esinam but with a small margin that can easily be closed by Amofa (12,24 and 24 respectively) won’t help much in his quest to get 1, 321 votes in addition to what he has already. Those stations aside being one that any of them can win and both will go into the run off with almost equal number of followers (per first round results), doesn’t record much turn out.

TF-312 last year, 258 this year( Esinam- 96, Amofa-72).
Volta Hall– 337 last year, 290 this year (Esinam 120, Amofa-96)
Legon Hall– 568 last year, 345 this year (Esinam- 95, Amofa-83)

Amofa must thus focus on Jean Nelson Aka Hall (which will be difficult because of Esinam’s veep), Hilla Limann Hall and Elizabeth Sey. He needs to win at least one while increasing his votes at the stations he won in the first round.

Esinam’s focus

Esinam will need a repeat of her performance in first round while trying to increase her votes at the stations she won. For at the station’s where Amofa must focus on, she outperformed Amofa there in the first round.

Run off will be determined by simple majority

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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