Newly elected UG SRC president, Esinam Afi Seade and her team are on a victory tour around the university community after emerging winners of this years keenly contested SRC elections.

The elections which had to be decided in a runoff today after all seven candidates failed to get the constitutional mandatory 50%+1 of the total valid votes in the first round saw Esinam emerging victorious with 3655 votes representing 53.67% of the total valid votes cast as against 3206 representing 46.73% polled by Amofa Adu Emmanuel. Esinam who polled 1960 votes in the first round to score 29.46% against Amofa’s 2061 representing 30.83% could be nothing but joyous in the turn of events in the second round of the elections.

Esinam Afi Seade; UG-SRC President(provisional) elect, 2016

Esinam Afi Seade; UG-SRC President(provisional) elect, 2016

Celebrating with her loyalists and all well wishers at the James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall this evening, she thanked all who believed in her course and reminded the residents that they should be prepared to be the ‘focus’ for the transformation UG SRC is going to see.

The was also a gallant display from her team members as they celebrated with cars riding about and exchanging of pleasantries. A few people i spoke to believed her first challenge she will face is to either construct a government of winner takes all or to include her contenders in her administration.

As it looked the celebrations will proceed unabated for now. In a word i had with Esi, she reacted to the congratulatory message i threw at her, saying it’s all God.

The results declared by the Electoral Commissioner makes Esinam the second ever female SRC president of the university of Ghana, after Miss Carol Serwa Donkor who also won in a runoff with about 72% of total valid votes in 2007.




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