“Education, not School” Program by LOPA Legon


LOPA Legon is a student activist group in the University of Ghana currently being formed. Its main focus is to seek accountability from student leaders to the student populace. It also focuses on expanding the average life-view perspectives of the average University of Ghana student to not only be academically conscious, but work towards achieving of life-long results and effectively partake in extra-curriculum activities.

We believe the future holds for those who are not necessarily only good in academics, but are well versed in other areas of their life: politics, entrepreneurship, talent-development, leadership, handcraft works et cetera. We believe the average UG student should be well versed in all these fields pertaining to his/her life and not only books.

To this end it is organizing its first ever program “Education, not School” to effectively sensitize the general student populace on the need to Get Educated, and not just passing through School once in School. It is focused on differentiating between ‘Education’ and ‘School’ to the average student, and inspiring them to achieve the former, and not just the latter.

Education ranges from perfection of the arts, improvement of one’s talents, the practical application of the theories taught in lecture halls et cetera whiles School [in this setting] focuses on only books. We believe that is not the way to a very successful future for any student. If every student were to be only acquainted with only books, the number of Unemployed Graduates will only keep increasing at an arithmetic manner every year.

We believe the Ghanaian educational system mainly focuses on only books, “School”, where you are expected to read some materials and ‘pour’ them out at a set time without being fully tested of your understanding and their applications to real-life situations, fully comprehending and grasping the details of the materials –  without being [thoroughly] educated! This has led to a lot of unemployment crises nationally, and has then brought its own problems.

We are hence organizing this program “Education, not School” to effectively make the average students aware of maximizing their talents and potentials, and seeking to make business and profits from those areas and not only solely depend on books. We want to make students seek the application of what is taught in lecture halls in everyday situations and not only be comfortable with theoretical knowledge. We want to make the students aware and conscious of being Educated, and not Schooled!

With this motive, we have 4 nationally recognized speakers who have thrived in their various field, have gained name-and-face recognition, have a positive influence amongst the student place and above all show proof of being Educated, not Schooled.

These are:


  1. Manasseh Azure Awuni – A Senior Broadcast Journalist, JOY 99.7 FM and Past GIJ Journalist of the Year. In June 2012, Mr. Manasseh Azure Awuni wrote an article “Savannah View: Graduating With Second Class Upper” where he proved his essence of being thoroughly educated whilst in School, and not just passing through School. He had been seeking the practicalization of the things that were taught him in the lecture halls and practicing them outside of the classroom. A year after graduating, he won the GIJ Best Journalist of the Year: An effect of being Educated, and not just Schooled. “First class graduates are not always the brightest” he said. Mr. Manasseh Azure is a speaker for “Education, not School” where he is expected to share his experience and inspire a positive influence amongst the student populace to strive being Educated, and not simply Schooled.



  1. Bernard Avle – Head of News Programming, Citi FM and Host of Citi Breakfast Show. Mr. Avle’s face-and-name recognition and influence in the business world, journalism sector and the general student face make him a right speaker for Education, not School. His sustained eligibility in the media world for years has built him the reputation of a ‘Media Giant’, and the influence he portrays only speaks of his being Educated, and not just Schooled when in School. His experience talks for him. He is one of the few who gained much experience when in School (volunteering with Radio Univers), and this catapulted him to where he stands right now (Citi FM), he says. We believe Mr. Bernard Avle is a right influential speaker for Education, not School.


  1. Bossman Asare – Senior Lecturer and Head of Department, University of Ghana Political Science Department. As a Political Science lecturer, Dr. Bossman’s frequent neutral input on political issues and his frequent appearance in the political sceneries of Ghana have kept him and made him a strong influence on the entire student populace. His avid practicalization and application of the things that he teaches portrays of his need and want for the student populace to practicalize and physically apply all that is taught in the lecture halls. He does not only prove his being ‘Educated’, and not simply ‘Schooled’ but also encourages his students to do so. Dr. Bossman is an icon of a person who has been through, Education, not School and he is a speaker for the program.


  1. 14689704_1204379676302673_614612498_oElsie Effah Kaufmann – Senior Lecturer, Immediate Past Head of Department, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Ghana and Host – National Science & Mass Quiz. As a Senior Lecturer and a Host for the nationwide Science and Maths Quiz, Dr. Kaufmann’s recognition to inspire a positive change amongst the students populace cannot be underestimated. Her position and ability to speak to students to not only be academically conscious, but seek the practicalization of theories and taking of extra curriculum activities seriously will be taken with weight. Her motivation to say ‘Life is not all about Books’ will make the average student know and aspire for greater heights, as the Host for the NSMQ has spoken. Her influence amongst the student populace cannot be overstated. Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufmann Is the only female speaker for ‘Education, not School’.


The theme (Education, not School) is in a wide variety, and not limited to only the preamble explained above. The speakers are expected to highlight on several areas of the topic and not just what was explained above in the preamble.

The program details are as follows:

Date: Friday, 14th October 2016. (Tomorrow)

Venue: Francis Kofi Drah (Political Science) Conference Room, UG.

Time: 2:30pm sharp

Rate: Free

There will be live feed via our Twitter page @LOPALegon and our Facebook Page LOPA Legon (@lopalegon) during the program with the hashtag #LOPALegonENS.

All are cordially expected to be there.

Seek Education, not just Schooling.

Daniel D.K Amewor

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