From the works of incredible writers of Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, Scandal, The Black List, Continuum, Suits, Arrow, The Flash, Scorpion, How to get away with Murder, The Big Bang Theory, Gotham, Glee, Grim, Twisted, Revenge, Mr. Robot, Shadow Hunters, Twisted,, Desperate Housewives, Once Upon a Time, Chuck, Fringe, Empire, Power, Intelligence, Under the Dome, Quantico, House of Cards and many more, our screens are flooded with joy and ecstasy and we are desperate to know what happens after each 42 minutes episode. Not to talk about the beauty and culture that has been created into fine arts by the South Korean in their intriguing and breath-taking dramas and finally the Mexican soap operas.


With these writers available and making a lot of money from the screens, they will never to seize to severe our joy. As each week will present itself with new creation of the stories, that we follow ardently with all our hearts. I am a staunch fun of the TV series Arrow, and so far the best from my own perspective. I have learnt a lot from the series. I have watched a lot more, and it dawned on me that, to ask the question; so what I am watching them for again if I have gotten all that I need from them…


In the university, is more like a norm or tradition I like to call it. After a hard week of lectures, student come back to their halls and mollify their stress with the creative work of foreign writers. By doing so we aid in the expansion of their cinematic universes with the detriment of ours. Last time I asked a colleague that, are there really writers in Ghana? Because most of the feature films and the series films we see in the University are mostly that of the Americans, South Koreans and Mexicans. And the sad part of it all is that, most of us are so much into the series and cannot go a day without watching a favourite. I believe that, the movie industry in Ghana is doing their best, but the best is not enough because there are no writers. Where are the writers? Or are we trying to refute the popular adage which says that; “’the pen is mightier than the sword”.


I like to advocate that, we have all watched enough and it is high time we put all these ideas together an create our own stories. Let’s tell our primordial stories from the African perspective. Let also show to the other part of the world that we have a way of life. Every one writes. I do not believe that certain people are the only ones mandated to write. We all can write. At least we call all start by writing the activities of everyday in a book, if possibly type them on your computer. Let’s develop the habit of writing. Write anything that comes to mind. Do not be concerned with grammar or punctuation, just write. Let’s cultivate the addiction of writing. Let’s replace the addiction of watching to writing. And by so doing we help build our own industry.


I am a writer and  so are you. We are all born writers. The ability is in us, and we can harness it for the greater good. So finally I say, next time let me be the one reading your piece and not you reading mine.

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Jacob Osae Amanor


Joshua. M. Ngula

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