Many students who took part in this year’s edition of the freshers inter hall debate championship. The beginning of this year’s battle started with a very good number of speakers from across the length and breadth of the school who, in their bid, really proved themselves worthy of participation. It was however tough and very cumbersome for the judges to break these teams to the semi-final and the supreme finals.

This year saw a team each from the James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall and the Hilla Limann Hall and two very formidable teams from the Commonwealth Hall getting to the Finals. The grand Finale having been slated for the 21st of October, 2016, finally took place at the Great Hall with all four honorable looking teams optimistic to get their judges and audience nodding in affirmation to their presentations.

The program which was scheduled to start at exactly 2 pm started several minutes after 3 pm with an opening prayer. Closely following this was an open floor session where the society members and audience of the event were allowed the authority to contribute their verbal quota to some very pertinent issues in the country. In this session, suggestions were made that Ghana should in this electioneering period create the platform for a Flag bearer political debate. Mr. Mathias who mentioned this issue was very fast to add that, he is not too sure whether or not the government of this country has already made provisions for that, but if not, then he is very proud to propose such.

Due to the limitation of time, the MCs for the program, Shevona Sophie Ansah and Jude Kwegyir Aggrey moved that the debate commence and the various competitors were allowed to battle for their sides. The first team from the romantic vandal city came out as Opening Government, Opening Opposition was the team from James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall, on the Government bench again was the team from the Hilla Limann Hall as Closing Government and finally came the last team, also from Commonwealth Hall who closed the debate for the day (that is the Closing Opposition).

No sooner had they assumed their sides than the motion was read. It must however be mentioned that a time space of fifteen minutes was allowed all the competitors to prepare their speeches. Within this period, the house was very much privileged to have the presence of the Assistant Director of the Sports Directorate, closely following her, was the presence of both the SRC Treasurer and Secretary. Now the time was due and each side had to verify their competence and technicality. The debate was opened by the Prime Minister and Opposed after, by the opposition leader. The debate kept moving until the end of the opening halves where the Assistant Director for the Sports Directorate had to give a very brief word as claimed by the organizers of the program.

As for some of the speakers, that is the closing halves; it was an advantage since they had much time to prepare for their turns. A possible reason why the winner came from the closing halve! The whole session of the debate ended paving way for the Public Speaking part. With the Public Speaking, speakers were allowed a time space of three minutes to talk with a very limited time of a minute preparation.

The whole program came to a successful end with the various winners announced and prizes and medals awarded to them. For the debate, Closing Government, represented by Hilla Limann Hall, took home the grand prize as the winners of the 2016/17 inter hall freshers debate championship. It was however unfortunate that the other winners for the debate were somewhat marginalized, since they were neither mentioned nor awarded.

As for the Public Speaking category, the best three speakers came from Jean Nelson Aka Hall. Third was, Elijah Mensah. Ammah Suomo Naa Okaikor managed to emerge 2nd and the best of all Madeleine came out as the best Public Speaker, she carried home the Trophy. To ensure that several other people took part in similar competitions, the Society also recognized the quest of other speakers who tried but did not make it to the final stage. Hence, Sungbaweira Lutfata also won a medal for the promising debater and Solomon Omani Mensah won the Speaker of the year medal.

The coaches for the various teams were not left out, as without them, the whole event wouldn’t have proved as competitive as it did. Therefore, the best coach was awarded to the coach of Team Tf, that is Ziyaad ibn Shiraz. Above all, on top of the whole hierarchy was the most pertinent award, the best adjudicator award which was won by Mr. Mathias.

Overall, it was very educative, competitive and fun Sports to involve one’s self in. I would therefore not hesitate in endeavoring to encourage all other societies to organize such programs. It was really one worth mentioning.

Written by: Bayuoni Dramani Maazu
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