Dirty Politicking? Dabo, Quarm Vindicated?


EFS JCR Treasurer, Sam Quarm

An earlier publication on a group calling itself Concerned Students of Elizabeth Sey Hall-UG that alleged that, President of the hall Reindolf Dabo, had connived with the Treasurer Sam Quarm to defraud the hall of its funds may not hold any truth after all.

The statement claimed that the two executives withdrew a total of GhC25,000.00 approved for the hall’s week celebration but only released GhC10,000.00 for the celebration while pocketing the balance.

However in an exclusive interview with UGfile, the President of the Hall, Mr. Dabo explained that the Hall management did not release the full amount of GhC25,000.00. According to him, the JCR was expected to raise a total of GhC12,000.00 from corporate Ghana while management contributes GhC13,000.00 towards the GhC25,000.00 budget for the week celebration. The JCR however failed to generate revenue through sponsorship.

In response to the allegations that Dabo and Quarm had ‘escalated the amount that was involved in the printing of the hall’s souvenirs( T-Shirts, customized books and two pens)’ and ‘later again shared the lump sum of GhC12,000.00 the embittered President, Mr. Dabo rubbished the claim saying it is baseless. According to him, the JCR received a sponsorship to the tune of GhC10,140 from UniBank and ICAG. He explained that the JCR had to supplement the expenditure on the souvenirs with a little above GhC600.00 owing to the effect of inflation. The JCR presented a budget with a unit cost of 1.20p for the customized books during the vacation. The unit cost increased at the time of production to 1.50p.

When quizzed why the JCR charged freshmen an additional GhC20.00 to the approved GhC52.00 as conveyed in the statement, the JCR President responded that the JCR decided to charge an optional GhC20.00 for freshmen who wanted the Polo shirt/T-Shirt because the approved dues were inadequate to provide souvenirs and stationary for the freshmen.

In a sharp constrast, some level 100 students however said they were compelled by the JCR to pay the GhC25.00 extra before registering are residents of the hall. To this, the JCR leaders provided two sheets of registering sheets as evidence the leadership gave level 100s options.

Mr. Dabo entreated members of the hall to treat the message with contempt as it is a deliberate attempt by coward aspirants who, fearful of defeat at the hand of Sam Quarm in the forthcoming presidential race in the JCR elections are resorting dirty politicking to court public dissaffection the presidential hopeful.

The group failed to reveal its leadership and contact details for media follow ups.

Readers will be updated on unfolding events.

Reindolf Dabo

Reindolf Dabo

Caleb Kudah

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