Every year NSS personnels have to go through the annual ritual of waiting for weeks even sometimes months to get paid their national service allowance. These are young graduates from our various tertiary institutions who have been posted to various corners of Ghana to serve the nation.  Why should national service personnels scream or shout to be paid ? Can we pay them what they are due without letting them go through this annual frustration and hustle?

The National service secretariat admonishes personnels to accept postings to any part of the country. On what basis should their call be taken seriously? Why must personnels accept postings to the hinterlands in the spirit of patriotism knowing very well that government will not fulfill his part of the deal. The bigger fear is for a young university graduate from an urban area working in a rural setting far away from family and friends. Imagine the pain,depressing and frustration that individual has to go through when his/her allowance delays for weeks or months. How long must that individual exercise patience? Lets not forget they must eat, pay light and water bills and cater for their basic needs. Through the inaction of NSS secretariat, the personnels become vulnerable and can be lured into committing vices like prostitution or theft. The whole essence of national service to invoke patriotism is flawed after all there is zero motivation to work.

NSS personnels are demanding whats due them and it must be paid on time. This irresponsibility and sheer negligence of the secretariat must stop. Someone is sleeping on his/her job or simply being incompetent. Our young graduates do not deserve this kind of treatment. The national service secretariat must be proactive and show good leadership.

Posted by Kwabena Ameyaw

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