Two level 300 students of University of Ghana have petitioned the dean of students to change the way medical examinations for freshers is organized.

In their petition, dated 17th November, 2015, the petitioners, includes Kissi Prince, an SRC presidential hopeful, pleaded with the dean to decentralise freshers’ medical examinations to the halls as was done in the 2013/2014 academic year, rather than letting students converge at one location for the examinations.

In the petition, they outlined the inconvenience of the centralised system and compared that of the 2014/15 academic year to the decentralised system in 2013/14 academic year which was much more convenient and conducive to students. This, according to them, is because it made the numbers manageable and reduced the time spent in long queues. Attached to their petition was the signatures of over 120 level 100 students.

the petition

The signatures 1The signatures 2The signatures 3The signatures 4The signatures 5The signatures 6

Linda Adongo

Posted by Linda Adongo

Student of University of Ghana, Legon. Limann Hall.

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