Corruption Scandal Hits Elizabeth Sey JCR


JCR President of Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall, Reindolf Dabo.

A grouping calling itself Concerned Students of Elizabeth Hall-UG, has accused the Reindolf Dabo led administration of embezzling GhC15,000.00 during the just ended Hall Week celebration organized by the Junior Common Room (JCR).

The statement fingers the JCR President Mr. Reindolf Dabo to have connived with the treasurer of the hall Mr. Sam Quarm to defraud the hall. According to the statement, the two, as signatories to the hall’s account, redraw an approved amount of Gh C25,000.00 but released a total of GhC 10,000.00 for organizing what it calls “a disgraceful” hall week celebration.

“The president and the treasurer went to redraw the GhC25,000.00 which was the approved amount for the Hall week celebration but in reality they only gave the organizer GhC10,000.00 to be used for our poor hall week celebration, no wonder our hall week was nothing to write home about but a disgraceful one for that matter”.


EFS JCR Treasurer, Sam Quarm

EFS JCR Treasurer, Sam Quarm

The statement further indicts the leadership for charging additional unapproved dues of GhC20.00 to the JCR dues of level 100s shooting the dues from an approved GhC52.00 to GhC72.00.

“They also imposed GhC20.00 in addition to the JCR fees of the level 100’s instead of the approved fee of GhC52.00 from the Dean of students, which latter become GhC72.00 of JCR dues”.

It further states “the president Reindolf Dabo and the treasurer also escalated the amount that was involved in the printing of the Halls souvenirs(T-shirts, customized books and two pens) which they later again shared the lump sum of 12,000ghc among themselves”.

The statement decried a delibrate attempt by the President to cover up his tails by ensuring the treasure succeeds him and calls on residents of the hall to fight against corruptio.

“With all these we can say with no shred of equivocation that the president (Reindolf Dabo ) wants the treasurer to succeed him after his tenure of office since he is afraid that if anyone apart from the treasurer becomes the president they might be thoroughly investigated and both are using all means available to frustrate aspirants accordingly. All members of this great hall, we deserve better. Let’s all fight against corrupt, selfish and greedy individuals”.

Attempts to get Mr. Dabo to respond to these allegations proved futile. Calls on th secretary for clarification equally yielded nothing.

However information gathered from grape vine sources reveals the JCR president spent a greater part of the dues of students of the hall to produce T-Shirts leaving behind an inadequate amount for the hall week celebration of which the JCR sought to embark on a library project.

It is reported these were done without the knowledge of some members of the executive committee resulting in a scuffle among the executives.

Readers will be updated on this story as the issues unfold.

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