The UG General Assembly is the highest body of the Students Representative Council (SRC). Its composition includes SRC executives, JCR presidents of the various halls, and Committee members of the SRC among other distinguished persons. The purpose of this Assembly is to serve the interest of students by deliberating and deciding on issues of concern to students.

This semester, the GA sitting was slated for 11th February 2017 – that’s just yesterday. It was supposed to kick off at exactly 5:00pm, but for whatever reasons unascertained, it wasn’t until some minutes past 7:00pm that the sitting commenced.

The onset of the sitting saw several honorable members march into the Students Union building to also catch a glimpse of this year’s programs and projects. As expected, the sitting began with the Head of the Programs and Projects committee allowed the opportunity by the Honorable speaker to read and explain the semester’s intended activities to the hearing of all and sundry.

Indeed, the first phase of the sitting saw peace fly high over the house. However, subsequent agendums told a different story as the house and observers saw reasons to begin to disagree with eachother. The hullabaloo actually centered first on the construction of two (2) summer huts – one at the Athletic oval and the other at JQB which where estimated at a sum of Ghc610,000 cedis. For many of the Observers in the room, the said amount was an over estimated one and should be abandoned.

Following closely to this proposal was an interview of one of the observers, Mr Wahab – leader of the Batakari boys, who mentioned that he was totally lost as to the type of Summer huts that would be constructed. Adding; ‘I don’t even know if they are spiritual huts’.

Subsequently, just like the summer huts problem, the Projects and programs head got several eyebrows raised as he mentioned an amount of Ghc40,000 cedis for a Week celebration not yet taking into account, sponsorship. Unfortunately, however, for him, this program was quashed by the Assembly by a simple majority vote.

In all, the sitting was inadvertently historical and it’s success or failure at serving the interest of students is a judgement we will leave to posterity.

Bayuoni Dramani Maazu

Bayuoni Dramani

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