Comoros names squad to face Ghana in crucial World Cup qualifier


The Union of the Comoros head coach Amir Abdou has named an experienced 23-man squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup double qualifying hurdle against Ghana in next week.

Comoros host the Black Stars on November 13 before travelling to Kumasi for the return leg in November 17.

The winner of the two-legged tie will advance to the third qualifying round.

Comoros’ squad to face Ghana:

Salim Ben Boina (Marseille Consolat, France), Velonjara Salimo (Fomboni FC, Comoros), Mahamoud Mroivili
(Coin Nord, Comoros)

Ibrahim Rachidi (Marseille Consolat, France), Kassim Abdallah (Evian TG, France), Benjaloud Youssouf (US
Orléans, France), Chaker Alhadhur
(Caen – France), Kassim Ahamada (AS Beauvais, France), Omar Mdahoma
(Aubagne, France), Ibrahim Madihali
(Penne Mirabeau, France)

Fouad Bachirou (Östersunds FK,
Sweden), Youssouf M’Changama
(Marseille Consolat, France), Arkane Mohamed (Beauvais, France), Faouz Faidine (Fomboni FC, Comoros), Nasser Chamed (Nîmes Olympiques, France), Joseph Jacky
(US Zilimadjou, Comoros),
Mohamed Youssouf (Veria FC, Grèce), Alhadhur Attoumane (Volcan Club, Comores)

Ahmed Mogni (Paris FC, France), Ali M’Madi (Grenoble Foot 38, France), Mohamed M’Changama (Les Herbiers, France), Youssouf Ahamadi (Belfort, France), Halifa-Mohamed Soulé (Béziers, France)

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