Edit: APOLOGY. ugfile wishes to sincerely apologize to Esinam Afi Seade, UG SRC President, for misrepresenting her in the story below, and for the inconvenience and disrepute we have caused her administration. The SRC President made a harmless statement on how the transition in government has slowed down a project the SRC embarked on, and this has clearly been misconstrued below in a negative light as if to say she is against the change in government. We regret this and will try to correct this wrong on all platforms the story was shared on. Below is the said article.

The University of Ghana SRC President, Esinam Afi Seade emphasized in some respect the need for Ghanaians to have retained the outgoing government for another term.
She stated emphatically that the change in government is accompanied by a serious and direct threat to the execution of her administration’s policies.

Esinam Afi Seade was sharing her opinion in an interview by Radio Univers on Tuesday 20th December, 2016. When asked what she meant by the foregoing statement that, “there would be challenges because of the change in government “. She recounted that, the current government has worked with the SRC by providing support for them to organise some tutoring competitions among the students. Laudable among which she mentioned was the ‘Dare to Start’. She stated that, the Dare to Start was organised in collaboration with Ignition Africa and the YES – Youth Enterprise Support, which has been instituted by the outgoing president as a sub entrepreneurial driven company.

Esinam Afi Seade stressed that she is probably sure the government which is about transitioning out was very sure that things were going to go well after the campaign. Hence, she placed her greatest fear in the fact that the incoming government may pose a serious challenge to them (the SRC).

Moving away from that, when questioned whether she is sure to be done quickly before a change in government: because of the likely challenge of the new government, she mentioned that conversations with the Presidents delivery unit revealed that these companies, that is, the YES and MASLOCK, among others, are not leaving immediately. Consequently, they would likely get the support promised them if they fastened up.

However, she noted that they may or may not even have to solicit from other public institutions to quickly intervene because they want to get these people to be incubated.

By: Bayuoni Dramani Maazu.


Bayuoni Dramani

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  1. Whoo Zey says:

    Who elected her into office?

  2. Joe says:

    She don’t know what she is saying

  3. Kwasi says:

    Beautiful lady being used blindly by a corruption government . sad so sad!!! 🙁

  4. Agnes Obour says:

    Concert girl.

  5. Gilbert says:

    Esinam, that wasn’t necessary. Why make your political stance so obvious Her excellency??

  6. chrispin says:

    she is an educated illiterate.

    1. Bismark says:

      That may be true tho, because a reasonable student won’t say that. You could bear with me that most of the students are suffering on campus.

  7. Osei Kofi says:

    I don’t think she said……Nkwaseas3m sei

  8. Saint says:

    This article is hoax and shoud be disregarded

  9. afua says:

    Really why do you allow yourself to be blinded so easily just because you belong to the outgoing government just wait for the new government to make your assumptions after all what have you done since you were elected . You are just getting fat and driving big cars but instead of focusing on you said to be voted into power look at what you are saying.
    You clearly stated that you were going to provide street lights since you have being a victim to these dangerous guys on campus and where is it. You are part of the reasons why this government lost the election everything showed you were just wasting money on your snap but you don’t really care about the people that voted for you. Just tell us something you have done since you came into power. You are such people that always block ladies from attaining higher heights because such people like you don’t do anything when you are voted for.
    I am ashamed for being a lady because of you

    1. Kwabena says:

      That girl SRC president could be very corrupt. How can change of national govt affect SRC programs if such programs are initiated devoid of corrupt practices? Shame to her

  10. Nkrumah Ziggy says:

    Hmm….. I think Nana addo, Is ‘father for all’ …. As a local nugs president Uds-wa campus we believed your partnership will still hold since you have already signed agreement with the said conpaniers
    No shaking her excellency….

    Greetings from Uds-WA Nugs secretariat

  11. CY says:

    Am still waiting to hear anything different that this lady will do for UG students. I think she should resign for being guilty of incompetence. U said u were capable but now u are doing nothing and u will not even be silent. apuuuuu girl

  12. X-BRAIN says:

    Very horrifying statement- why allow yourself to be influenced by politicians as a student,UG SCHOOL OF PHARMACY (SOP).

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