Campus on Fleek Mag to hit Legon and KNUST – Get your pics published in it!


🙌 FINALLY!!! The NICEST Mag To Hit Campus🙏😎

🎉Campus on Fleek🎉

It’s an all photo magazine for campus. 🚫No articles, poems or other write ups. Just pictures of the wonderful students we have on campus 😃😍😜😂. You, me, ur friends, that boy, that girl, ur crush, that squad.. Yes! Everyone has a chance to be in it! And you only need to follow one step:

1) โฌ†upload a pic to twitter or IG with two hash tags:

That’s it!😄. 🚫No requirements, or special links or anything, so long as it’s a pic that was taken on campus. You can upload as many different pics as you want.

Please Note: if your tweets or IG photos are protected by privacy settings, you have to follow @ugfile before we can see your pic and fetch it.

It can be:
💃A selfie of urself,💁
💏 A pic of u and bae 💘
👬You and ur buddy😜
👭👬 ur team/clique/club

Those with the nicest pics will be selected for a free photo shoot 📷 to be used in the mag so don’t worry if your phone📱is a yam🍠. And don’t worry โ˜🏽that ur pic may not be selected💀🙈. It’s not a beauty contest😡. It will be selected if it’s nice. Besides, enuff pics will be selected anyway!

You may share a page with a few others, or get half a page to yourself, or get a full page to yourself, or ultimately, u may get to be on the cover page!!

So what are you waiting for?
📱Snap💥💁🏼 snap💥👬 snap💥💃🏽… And snap💥🙅🏽.
Don’t forget to use the 2 hash tags when u upload to twitter or IG. Also, don’t forget to SHARE with all your FRIENDS if you want to see more pple you KNOW in the mag!

Brought to you by: undergradfile (ยฉ

Sponsors and other interested parties like fashion designers, makeup artists and photographers can call 0247897707


Campus on fleek mag

Campus on fleek mag

Campus on fleek mag



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