“Call me a traitor, if…..”Kafui speaks,Round 1-Team MIKAF Lead


The long awaited vetting of the SRC Aspirants of the University of Ghana took place on the 27th day of March 2015 at the conference room of the SRC Union Building. The massive attendance of students at the less publicized event (comparison with previous years) gave lots of indication that apathy could obviously be killed with such healthy competition.
The attention of students was clearly on the two teams battling it out for supremacy.

L-R Kafui and Mikdad

L-R Kafui and Mikdad

Team MIKAF(Mikdad and Kafui) vrs Team FOBDUGBA(Fobi and Dugbater).
L-R Fobi and Dugbater

L-R Fobi and Dugbater

The vetting of the other aspirants; Felicia Elizabeth Adjei and Perry Johnson went on smoothly in a less ‘charged’ atmosphere. Notable members of the vetting panel were Boapeah Ohenebeng, the Electoral Commisioner, Hon.Akandi, Presiding member and General Assembly Representative for Commonwealth Hall, Hon.Joan Josiah, General Assembly Representative for Legon Hall, Deputy Electoral Commissioner Abdul Rauf among others.
There was a temporary hold up that lasted for nearly an hour when it was the turn of the Presidential Aspirants. The reason for this delay was not so clear but rumor has it that it was due to some misunderstanding with regards to which Team went in first for the vetting. This was believed to have been resolved by balloting which resulted in Fobi Davies and Michael Dugbater being vetted first. The two competing teams had their followers and sympathizers in full attendance. A total of about 250 students could be seen at the premises of the Union Building. The vigilance of the Campus security personnel popularly referred to as “Assenso Koti” was vital in coiling violent acts that almost marred the night of intellectual discourse students had come to witness.
Prior to the day of vetting, the rumor mill had it that Kafui Agboh, running mate of Mikdad Mohammed was being accused of having betrayed Davies Ohene Fobi after promising to be His running mate. Observers were clearly waiting for that particularly issue to crop up, and when it did, it threw the House into awe. Kafui Agboh was asked by the Panel to comment on this popular rumor. He responded by explaining that it was indeed true that he intended to run with Fobi, but changed his mind because of the nature of politics Team Fobi engaged in. He asserted “when I agreed to join them, I was added to various platform on social media, and there was never a single day that student’s interest was discussed, focus was always geared at tarnishing the hard earned reputation of someone which was contrary to my Christian principles”. He concluded by asserting that he can be called a traitor or whatever if that means abandoning a group that does not have students interest as the focus to join a team that has that as the focus. In a sharp rebuttal members of Team Fobi strongly disagreed with this view and reiterated that they had funded Kafui’s campaign and that Kafui had been ungrateful. Below is the result from the vetting as declared by the Electoral Commission
The Ban on campaign has been lifted by the Commision. Some events, next on the Electoral Calendar are a “face to face” at Korle Bu on March 31st at 5pm and
Presidential Debate on Radio Univers 105.7 on 1st April at 6pm. Keep reading UGFILE.COM for all the latest updates

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