There are many students who have lost interest in our student leadership because of the incompetency and self enrichment principle which was depicted by some past leaders of this institution (we don’t hope for same for the current   leadership). The preparation of outrageous budget for week celebration, communication gap between leaders and their followers amongst others have been the order of the day for student leaders of a development hankering university like UDS in yesteryears. Yes ! I may understand your fear of voting for another leader who wouldn’t put your welfare as his or her priority hence your reason for not voting.

After aspirants invading your privacy even as late as 10pm, after giving you sugar coated promises, after the long trek to campus, after joining the long queue in the sun, after voting for a colleague student, all he or she does is to charge you SRC dues and transport fee without any benefit in return. Although I am not Nicholas Amoah ( SRC President, UDS Wa) but I agree with you that we need accountability from our student leaders. These, I believe have been the concerns of many students of UDS Wa Campus but hey, will your decision of not voting solve the problem? Have you tried any alternative to solve this canker which has bedeviled the school for years? How do you hold your leaders accountable when you ain’t interested in knowing what went on at General Assembly sitting? Have you voted for right people to head your department association?

Whenever you think of calling your SRC president as incompetent leader, think of what you have done to help him execute his responsibilities. Whenever you think that those you voted for are failing alone, think of article five(5) of the SRC constitution which has you (the general student body; to with, all persons in “status papillary” of UDS), the executive committee, the executive council, the NUGS and the General Assembly making up the SRC body. I believe the above thousand dollar questions are now ringing bell in your mind and it is getting you perplex. Don’t be, but get to know that, the SRC committee appointees, the various departmental association presidents and the faculty representatives are mostly part of some of the SRC’s decision making. Sometimes, all they know is representing you at the General Assembly sitting with the sole aim of receiving sitting allowance. Today, let’s concentrate on the faculty representatives since nominations have now been opened for them.

To avoid the much anticipated development of UDS from being an illusion, we need to build a strong foundation. A foundation can be defined as the basis on which something is grounded. I am of the conviction that, you assert to the fact that, “a strong house always have a solid foundation”. The Faculty Representatives can be the foundation where as the Executive Committee which consist of the SRC President, Vice President, Secretary, Vice Secretary(some students don’t even know this portfolio exist), Treasurer and the Public Relations Officer can be the House. If we need a strong House, then we have to build a solid foundation. If we need accountability from our SRC/NUGS elected executives, we must vote for accountable faculty representatives. Today, I am with the downness of emotion informing you that, Faculty Rep is *NOT* just about “taking pictures of examination results into WhatsApp groups”, “sending of motivational quotes” or “seeing it as an avenue to babysit your emotions after your lost political presidency ambition”. Faculty Rep is about rightfully representing your constituent and lobbying for opportunities on their behalf.

If there is something you can do to help promote accountability for our Executive Committee, then, exercising your franchise during Faculty Representative election must be one of your priorities. Not just voting but voting for someone who can lobby for opportunities to your faculty. Vote for a faculty representative who has a good communication skill. Vote for a faculty representative who would object to any diabolic decisions and second right decisions during General Assembly sittings. Sometimes, our executive committee takes certain decisions that even kindergarten students wouldn’t take. For instance, as a morning show host, I mostly get the chance to question SRC Presidents about the outrageous budget for SRC week celebration and whenever I do, the only answer I get from them is ” the General Assembly Members (which includes the Faculty Representatives you voted for) are not fools to approve this budget and if you think they are fools to approve this, then you are also a fool to have voted for them”. I have also had the chance to ask some of the Faculty Representatives about the reason they approve such decisions and guess what? I’m told the population of the SRC appointees and that of the Executive Committee outnumber that of the Faculty Representatives and therefore per the popular majority acclamation, the faculty representatives decisions are always relegated to stream. I was also informed that, since the speaker of the General Assembly is given benefit of the doubt of always being wise and right, he facades some voting results during sittings. He chooses to declare that he heard the “Yeah Yeah” louder than “No No” even when it is the opposite. Well, what do I expect when the speaker is appointed by the SRC President in consultation with the Executive Council (only God knows if they obey the constitution and consult those they are supposed to). It will take only few leaders/speakers who knows their value and would not kowtow or succumb to his SRC President in duping students. I am tempted to ask those faculty representatives about what they do when these devious happenings happen at sittings? Do you come to report to your faculty members about what happened and take their suggestions as to what should be done? How many faculty representatives would be bold enough to convince his/her colleague representative to take legal actions.

Dear Colleague, let’s together make UDS a better place for the next generation by electing solid faculty representatives for a strong and better UDS Wa Campus. From today onwards, you and I should put our faculty representatives on their toes in order for them to also put the SRC Executive Committee on their toes to do the right things.

My name is DOMFEH EMMANUEL but you can call me SIR NOBLE.
I am an Agent Of Positive Change

Domfeh Emmanuel( sir noble)

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