We have heard, we have seen. We have imagined and have anticipated the positive effects and opportunities pregnant by education ready to be delivered to us, the society, the state and Africa as a continent.

Education they say, is the bridge between the poor and the rich. It is the medicine the unveils the veil of ignorance. The intellectuals say, it is the human learning process where knowledge is imparted, faculty is trained and skills developed for the betterment of the individual and the society.

This is the hope and assurance it gives parents and guidance to spontaneously and hurriedly trade their treasures for worth untold, happiness undefined and pleasure indescribable.

Is it a misnomer? well a mayhap. Indubitably, many achievers in our society today would have climb more than two stairs the ladder of riches, fame and respect if not for education. The likes of the people you know and the ones I know plus those we can imagine, made it through the corridors of education. If those people found their rhythm, does that define the formular for education? where all students are forced to come out with results of our forerunners?

Why has our education system failed to honour and encourage genuineness creativity and innovation? Why has all the incentives in education geared towards academic excellency and classroom super champions to the neglect of how well a student is innovative to cause a positive change in the society. Why should education be centered on CGPA( Cumulative Grade Point Average) when it shadow is full of ideas that can change our society.

Yes if not for education I would have known how to pen down these words of mine. I cannot deny the enlightenment education has bestowed on us. At the rise of education, I grin, at the set of it I cringe. Because I have lost morality, I have lost my genuineness, skills, heritage and pride. We have become aliens to our culture. Foreigners on our land and have succeeded in creating a segregated society.

Knowledge they say is to know the extent of one’s ignorance. Better is late than never. Let us titillate our homes, society and country with applied education. Our ability to turn things around is not solely in books or academic success but self realization. Academic reasoning is suppose to activate in us critical thinking and logical reasoning to invent, promote and initiate a panacea that will eradicate hunger, poverty, filth and corruption. We are a lighthouse of knowledge that cannot be hidden. By our deeds let the society came lived and left. Education is a brighter light when the status quo is changed.




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