Azamati endorses Mikdad,Fobi picks Dugbater


At the close of nominations for the various SRC portfolios on 18th March 2015, one name that was clearly absent was that of renowned student activist Azamati Ebenezer who intended running for SRC President. This set observers of the political landscape thinking about what had happened.
A statement released by Azamati Ebenezer cites this as the reason for the withdrawal of his candidature “ I have therefore decided to throw my support to Mr. MIKDAD Mohammed and his team, due to the leadership potential, clarity of vision and discipline of thought they have expressed in the cause of this SRC Presidential elections”. Below is the full statement by Azamati
I ENDORSE MIKDAD – AZAMATI EBENEZER I bow out of this year’s SRC election confident about the future of this University, especially in the capacity of committed and passionate student leadership to commit University of Ghana more on its core objectives and philosophy. I dispensed my energy, intellect and industry to carving a campaign purposed to build, perhaps the most performing SRC in the last decade in our institutional trajectory. I equally understand that competence and capacity must commensurate vision and merger of ideas. It is in achieving our expectations of a world Class University which is the imperative cause and not the INDIVIDUAL who leads the charge. I have therefore decided to throw my support to Mr. MIKDAD Mohammed and his team, due to the leadership potential, clarity of vision and discipline of thought they have expressed in the cause of this SRC Presidential elections. From level 100 to date, I have seen too much goodness in MIKDÀD Mohammed, even as an opponent, to this day, I endorse him. The next SRC elections is about whether the SRC Scholarship scheme, Yi Bi Boa, can be expanded to cover more needy students, and application made more flexible, where we can have a more friendly school fees payment strategy; whether we can pursue a stability or possible reduction in resit fees at the highest level; whether we can host a major job and career clinic and whether the SRC can stand for the female under-privileged student and whether my colleague physically challenged can have some endowment and policy support from the students’ council. These are ideas Mikdad shares with me, and on my heart, I know we can deliver! I have been pressed by some other candidates to depart from MIKDAD because of his religious belief, but I wonder what it would have meant to be in this University and for the cause of history if I submit to such pettiness and retrogressive divisive students politics. I stand in support of a man who has earned his place within our body politics by his activities, track record, and accomplishment as a student leader and activist. It is such activism that urged MIKDAD to fight the cause of the Christians to be allowed to worship in the Halls and on Sarbah field. Ironically, the latter day ‘Christian politicians’ were nowhere to be found during those challenging moments for the Christian community. When the VC formed the School Feeding negotiations Board, it was Mikdad again who went to the rescue. On the toll booth students hated, it was MIKDÀD, again and again. My team and I can identify with such a man, one who has lived the lines in Amazing Grace… I remain your trusted candidate, now taking a stand with someone who not only shares my believes, but has demonstrated it over and over and over again. I am noted for speaking straight, never caving in on my unwavering passion for students and the future. I, AZAMATI EBENEZER, hereby declare my full support for COMPETENCE, not TRIBALISM or PARTISANSHIP or Religious Bigotry, I take a stand with TRUTH, and hear me today, here and now, that I stand with MIKDAD Mohammed. I urge students and my support base to resist the empty rife campaign of some other candidates that focuses more on our differences and not our common goals. Thank you. Signed: AZAMATI EBENEZER SRC PREZ Aspirant(now resigned) 0244601013 Pls share….”
Another trending issue is the choice of running mate by the two aspirants. Davis Ohene Fobi settled on Dugbater Michael an Accounting student and resident of Elizabeth Sey

R-L Dugbater and Fobi

R-L Dugbater and Fobi

while Mikdad Mohammed settled on Kafui Agboh jnr a student of Psychology and resident of Mensah Sarbah Hall as his running mate.
L-R Kafui and Mikdad

L-R Kafui and Mikdad

Other controversial issues have emerged following the announcement of running mates by the aspirants. Emerging issues will be investigated and published when necessary. Meanwhile vetting of aspirants is scheduled for March 27th at 7pm at the SRC Union Building

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