Ashesi to host African University Day Celebrations

The Association of African Universities (AAU) has partnered with Ashesi to organise celebrations for African University Day 2015. The African University Day will be celebrated on the 12th of November at Ashesi’s campus in Berekuso, on the theme “Internationalisation of Higher Education”.

Since 2000, the AAU Secretariat and the Vice Chancellors Ghana Secretariat (VCG), have jointly organized events to commemorate African University Day in Ghana. The African University Day celebrations aim to bring more awareness to the impact of higher education in Africa, promote dialogue on improvements and celebrate successes in African higher education. This year’s event will include discussions among tertiary education stakeholders across Africa, on how universities can thrive within increased globalisation.

“Internationalisation is now an integral part of higher education in all parts of the world and, in many instances, a major driving force for change in universities,” said Professor Etienne Ehile, Secretary General of AAU. “African universities should, therefore, adopt new internationalisation strategies. In a world that is inevitably globalised, working and collaborating with institutions in all parts of the world, on clear agreed terms, can only be enriching for universities and students in Africa”.

All across the continent, AAU member institutions will be celebrating African University Day with various activities, including sharing research work, engaging policy makers and driving student conversations around education.


Caleb Kudah

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