Aryeetey Shuttles ‘Aryeetles’ Work Fine Fine


So I decided to try this shuttle out today. From GIMPA, I made a stop at the Bachelors’ Cafeteria to settle my landlord.
At the bus stop though, several other buses plying the Achimota-Legon road made advances toward me. But I stood my grounds- nothing but ‘Aryettles’ was good enough.

After about 10mins, when I was honestly loosing my patience, one finally smiled at me and I winked backed.
Quickly I jumped on board. My first observation, was the seats were without rubbers as reported earlier. Hence there wasn’t undue heat in the well ventilated shuttle. I sat in the middle. Cosy seats I found them to be. But I moved to the back. For no reason really. Soon a neatly dressed lady will beckon me to pay a 50p token. I took advantage of the situation to engage her! She was nice. I noticed there was a man besides the driver. She indicated he is a cashier. Cashier? Yes! What does he do? He accounts for the day’s sales…I see. Why not engagement him instead? So I did.

‘Aryeettles’ has a monitoring TV to help the driver see all that goes on in the shuttle with CCTV cameras as well. Unlike other shuttles, this one starts work from 5:30am and ends at 10pm with workers running shift at 2:00pm. The only transport service that can take you up the knowledge hill ‘Registry’ is the ‘Aryeettles’- particularly the one I picked. It has a ‘Registry C’mmnwealth Hall’ inscription. It actually takes students to City Campus again for 50p!!?

The Adenta, Madina, Bawalashie arrangement is yet to be made, given that demand will be high. As this particular one drove by, three others drove past.

Interestingly, we drove past an Evandy shuttle that had a ’50p’ inscription embossed on it. So it could have been cheaper all these while? Well competition makes you do the unimaginable doesn’t it?

It took me about 25mins to get to my destination. My guest didn’t have to wait for so long. Except that she had to wait for me to finish this piece.


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