…And Fobi Fed Five Thousand


The Fobi led administration seems unrelenting in its efforts to serve students an unprecedented SRC Week Celebration.

From a mammoth Gospel Rock Show that brought together praise and worship leaders of timber and calibre in Ghana, the SRC made the morning of several thousands of students by providing them with sumptuous breakfast at the Basket Ball Court.

The SRC president Davies Ohene Fobi was seen serving students breakfast this morning.

Patrons of the session described it as unprecedented as for the first time of their stay on Legon campus, they literally ‘tasted’ the dues they pay. One of them, an alumnus of the University said he took five rounds of breakfast to make up for the loss from level hundred to four hundred and also National Service period.

Interestingly, deep throat sources say the SRC is yet to receive budgetary allocations from the Office of the Dean of Students.

Below are some shots from the “Big Breakfast”





Photo Credit : Kwesi Paul Ajiro

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