The long awaited day is almost due in  the life of the 7 as the EC counts down the hours to open voting.

The big question on the lips of every concerned UG student is who takes over from Fobi?

Outgoing SRC president of UG; Davis-OheneFobi

Outgoing SRC president of UG; Davis-OheneFobi


Is it the vibrant lady; Esinam, the free spirited Gilbert, the good orator Amofa, the all going Allen, the early bird Wissi, the motivated Ken or the quiet but inspired Shadrach?

All the candidates have come out with their juicy policies ranging from security to internship programs through to a 50-50 payment plan among others but are these enough to win the elections or will some other factors play out tomorrow as did a year ago.

As it stands the EC is ready for the electorate of UG and are just waiting for the clock. In an interview with the electoral commissioner this afternoon, he informed me that, he and his commission are finalizing their preparations ranging from gathering the canopies, laptops, and putting students data together. Security will also be at the maximum as they intend adding external security to the local campus security. Their officers have also undergone training and will be present in trios at every polling station. They are also waiting on the candidates as only three of them had submitted names of polling agents as at noon.

Something that may bother some of the UG populace is the electronic voting being used, considering the problems it brought about last year, however the General Assembly have approved and that is what UG students will be using tomorrow.

He also informed me that despite the number of candidates running they are sticking to the constitution, ergo the champion of the day will need 50%+1 of the total VALID votes cast to be declared winner. In that sense, I believe UG students should be expecting a run-off in seven days as he informed me they will do, should the need arise. In all odds including the disqualification of Joseph Adjekum and the pulling out of Sowah from the race at what some will call the 10th hour and  what his running mate Amoah calls a betrayal among others, this may just be the toughest presidential battle UG has seen…

Rex; Electoral Commissioner of UG-SRC

Rex; Electoral Commissioner of UG-SRC

For now, UG is ready the teams are ready, all press houses are ready and Ghana in fact is ready as many believe this is scarcely student politics and on the contrary national politics. All the candidates I spoke to were confident of a first round victory so they are ready as well…the clock continues to tick…

UG-DECIDES 2016 who takes over from Fobi?




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