Akuafo Hall JCR Elections 2015: EC Re-Opens Nominations As 4 Aspirants Put Up Poor Performance at Vetting.


After the vetting that took place on November 6, 2015, only the aspirants for President and Treasurer portfolios met the requirement of 70% during vetting and also satisfied Article 10 of the Akuafo hall JCR constitution. Nominations have therefore, been reopened for the rest of the portfolios since they could not meet the 70% requirement.

The electoral commission is calling on interested JCR members to pick nominations for the following JCR Executive Offices.
1. Vice President
2. General Secretary
3. Sports Secretary
4. Organising Secretary
Nomination forms can be obtained from the electoral commissioners in rooms L27, P8 and K10 or contact 0203040204/0543872130/0242667673. Meanwhile, deadline for submission of nomination forms is Tuesday, 10th November, 2015.
Prospective aspirants are required to provide : 2 passport size photographs, a photocopy of their student IDs, 9 copies of their CVs, a copy of their JCR receipt, a printout of their Academic record, satisfy Article 10 of the Akuafo Hall JCR constitution and have a CGPA of 3.0.

Below are the Vetting results of the aspirants of the various JCR positions.

Samuel Osei Sarkodie 606/700 – 86.57%.
Manford Percy         525.5/700 – 75.07%.

Amo Ivy Benedicta Ofeibea 422/700 – 60.29%.

Kingful Kazia Sakyiwa  476/700 – 68.00%.

Ameyi Justice 631/700 – 90.14%.
Emmanuel Adedayoo 555.5/700 – 79.36%.

Asanima Adams Asabire 459.5/700 – 65.64%.

Yeboah Emmanuel  466.5/700 – 66.64%.

Electoral Commissioner.
Bingle Musah Abdul Mumin.


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