Admission List for University of Ghana Legon 2015/2016 Academic Year


The University of Ghana, Legon, has released the list of students who have successfully gained admission into the university to pursue various progams beginning the 2015/2016 Academic year.

Students who applied can click here to check their admission status.

Good luck.


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  1. Emmanuel Yensingit says:

    pls I want to knw weda dats de final list for 2015/2016 admitted students

    1. Hassan Hassan says:

      According to Mr. Amartey, the Asst. Registrar, the list is 97% complete

    2. Please can u be in fee paying and yet not be admitted with no D7 in your results?

      1. Hassan says:

        It depends. Though the cut-offs for fee paying applicants are lower (bigger figures) than regular applicants’, various courses have varying cut-offs. And even without a D7, supposing your aggregate is being calculated with 6 C5s, u’re going to get aggregate 30.

    3. Emmanuel says:

      under wat reason can a person b denied admission,cos our choices r within de cut point n even wit Dat of de fee paying.

      1. Prof. Newton says:

        there are so many reasons, even getting accommodation for L100s is a major problem. when you come to some departments, students have to stand at lecture halls for lectures due to inadequate space. a particular university would love to admit all completed SHS students who obtained grades A1 – C6 but there is no space available.

    4. Emmanuel says:

      N also can a person b replaced when a person gains admission but does not turn up?

      1. Prof. Newton says:

        yes, you can be replaced, but you are not the one who will tell them to replace you with your younger brother or whosoever.

  2. Opata Benedicta says:

    Please when will de rest come out

  3. Hassan Hassan says:

    can’t say with certainty but since the list is currently 97% complete, by next week Friday it should be complete.

  4. Can u be refused an admission when u request for fee paying with no D7 on ur results please

  5. pls will dose wit aggregate B to C6 get admissions

  6. Anthony Sika says:

    Does this list include those applied as mature applicants? If yes, where do you go to check? If no, when will it be out?

  7. Pls I had Bio-B2 Phy-B2 e-maths B3 chemC6 Eng-C5 sci B3 c-maths B2 soc A1 and was not admitted as medilab and not even my last choice why

  8. duodu emmanuel osam says:

    please i combined my result to apply for legon but still ma admission message hasnt come please why. i am confused so pls my name is duodu emmanuel osam so check for me. serial 6017557

  9. alice says:

    I just checked the list and realised that i have been admitted but am currently out of town for an assignment. is it possible for me to reapply next year Godwilling ?

  10. Bernard says:

    Pls I’ve been admitted to read medicine but I just realised that the fee is very expensive, can I get scholarship to help me offer that program?

  11. Emmanuel yensingit says:

    Its there still hope for we those still awaiting for admission??

  12. chief says:

    oh my God this year too… univ of gh why what grade do u wan me to get before i would be admitted?

  13. i wanted to enroll for the 2015/2016 academic year, BSc nursning distance option with Takoradi as my center but unfortunately when i was filling the forms online i had only one option to select for 2016/2017 academic year so i want to find out if something can be done because i actually wanted admission for 2015/2016. pls cna something be done.
    here are my details

  14. Kusi Gloria says:

    Pleas is the result of those who have successfully gain admission for 2016/2017 academic year out?

  15. Ghana University says:

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    NB : Two passes at the A/level with an average of ‘C’ is also acceptable.


    Six (6) credits with aggregate 24 or better at the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WAEC/SSSCE/NECO) including English Language and Mathematics and the elective subjects relevant to the choice of programme or their equivalent.


    · Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Information Technology
    · Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science
    · Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Management Studies;
    · Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Agribusiness Management;
    · Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Banking and Finance;
    · Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Business Administration with options in Marketing, Human Resource Management and Accounting
    · Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    · Bachelor of Science Architecture
    · Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistantship
    · Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
    · Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
    . Bachelor of Science in Medical laboratory Science
    . Bachelor of Science in Applied Sciences
    . Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
    . Bachelor of Science in Public Health
    . Bachelor of Science in Geology
    . B.Eng Oil and gas Engineering
    . B.Eng Computer Engineering
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  16. patience says:

    Please with b3 in social,e8 in science,c6 in core maths,c4 in English,c4 in economics,c4 in costing,b2 in bm ND c6 in accounting can I gain admission as a fee paying student to study business administration?

  17. baron allotey says:

    Pleas is the result of those who have successfully gain admission for 2016/2017 academic year out?


    1. It’s not yet out, Baron

  18. Priscilla says:

    My kid sister had grade 16 And I can’t find her name in the list… Please is this the complete list?

    1. Priscilla, this list is last year’s list. The list for 2016/2017 is not out at the moment.

  19. sadia says:

    please when i checked the admitted students list is out but when i try checking is not going trough

  20. abigail says:

    Please I tried to check my name from the admission list but my wasn’t in. Is this the last list?

  21. Mr. Mac. says:

    Good day. Please I would like to know if one can be offered admission as a regular student with an aggregate 24 score or as a fee-paying student.

    Your reply means a lot, please try to reply soon. Thank youyou

  22. Mr. Mac. says:

    Good day. Please I would like to know if one can be offered admission as a regular student with an aggregate score of 24, or as a fee-paying student.

    Your reply means a lot, please try to reply soon. Thank you.

  23. David Kojo Mark Robertson says:

    i had B3 in econs, B3 in costing, B2 in b.m A1 in accountn B3 in social studies C6 in Eng, C6 in science nd D7 in maths … I get admmision as a regular or as a fees paying…. students

  24. jerry kpornyo says:

    When will they release the admission list for 2016/2017.thanks

    1. Please check the University of Ghana website

  25. sconty brown says:

    Good day, is the 2016/17 admission list out yet

  26. Micheal says:

    Pls i checked my serial now and no record for that the final admission list of this year?

    1. Please continue visiting the University website for more details

  27. frederick says:

    Pls i checked my serial now and no record for that the final admission list of this year?

  28. eben says:

    pls i want to know the admission list of long distance education coming out.. thank you

    1. Please check the University website

  29. Hannah Ampomah says:

    Please I have been admitted to UG city campus 2016/2017 academic year and with a scholarship buh the deadline for the admission fees was just 2 days so was asked to pay before refund but didn’t get all the fees got 60percent ..please will I get the chance to register?

    1. You should. To be sure though, please check the university website

  30. Sandra kordah says:

    Please will I be able to get admission as a fee paying student with 7Bs and a D7 as my result

    1. If you have applied, please check the website for more details.

  31. ateey isaac says:

    please is the distance learning admission list out

  32. Alfred says:

    Is it possible to change my campus from Distance Education to Legon Main Campus

  33. Bridget says:

    Hi, i applied for a regular student but am given distance education can it be change???

  34. Vanessa deveer says:

    Please what are the minimum required grades one has to get for journalism course?

  35. patrick Adu Baah says:

    Pls I had social b3,Eng c5, science c4,maths c6, econs c5 ,geography b2,history c4 can I gain admission. I really need a reply.thank you

  36. bernard Agbemor says:

    please is there any problem with the online registration as at now, since the page is not avilable

  37. Owusu Gabriel says:

    Please I need help to retrieve my student mail because I can’t find my admission letter now

    1. patrick Adu Baah says:

      Which admission letter I mean which years admission letter

      1. Owusu Gabriel says:


  38. VJC Brown says:

    Please where can I access the 2017/2018 admission lists of University of Ghana Legon

  39. How can one get 7As and 1B…reading engineering…didnt get admission take about 1000 students a year ryt .

  40. Michel says:

    What aggregate or grade is actually required for someone to be admitted in university

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