Upon hearing the rumors on campus that the NSS will be charging prospective
National Service Personnels GHS40.00 each; I was in total disbelief and
wanted to get further and better information on it, because, I didn’t see
any reason for the poor Ghanaian Student offering their services for free,
to be exploited this way. Until, the day came for the Ashanti Regional
Executive of NSS to visit my campus. You could guess the main reason why I
had to be in that meeting. Thankfully to God, it was time for the Ashanti
Regional NSS Boss to address the controversial GHS40.00 causing fear and
panic in the country and especially among Prospective Service Personnel. I
listened attentively as he spoke and l was in an advantaged position
because I was sitting infront: 2nd row n heared everything clearly. To my
total dismay and consternation, the reason he gave for the charge of
GHS40.00 by the NSS is that; in paraphrasing: Every Organisation has an
Internally Generated Fund (IGF); So, this as part of the numerous reforms
by NSS, is how they are raising monies to supplement their meager funds
received from government which normally delay because of the bureaucratic
processes it goes through. Again, he added that, since monies will be paid
upfront at any ADB branch before you can activate your PIN Code for online
registration, the NSS will get the data of all service personnels in Ghana,
even before the actual service begins.

Now, the questions we are asking, are:
1. Should the poor Ghanaian Student suffer for the data reforms of NSS?
2. Is, levying of Prospective Service Personnels, the only avenue NSS can
raise IGF?

The dichotomy answer to all the above questions by any objective Ghanaian
“must” be a big “NO”.

I am sending a wake-up call to the government and all stakeholders
involved, NSS inclusive; that, All University Students in Ghana, and by
extension, Ghanaians, are not happy with that self-centered decision of
theirs: to levy the poor prospective service personnels GHS40.00.

I therefore challenge the Ministry of Education, especially, the Deputy
Minister of Education incharge of Tertiary Division: Hon. Samuel Okudzeto
Ablakwa, who has been informed, even at the just ended National Students
Day 2015 held at the Conference Room of NCTE, in East Legon-Accra; to as a
matter of urgency engage the NSS, led by Dr. Kpesa Whyte, to ABORT that
decision of injustice.

We are giving the ministry an ultimatum of 2 Weeks (2nd March,2015-9th
March,2015), expecting to hear positively from your outfit. After which all
University Students in Ghana, and.the masses affected by this unscrupulous
decision by NSS, will exhibit in peace and constitutionally but
aggressively, our displeasure.

We are therefore cautioning, all Prospective Service Personnels not to pay
the GHS40.00 directed by NSS.

We have a duty to serve our nation Ghana and not serving in pain.

(USAG Gen. Sec.)

Raymond Taaku

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