I remember when I was a child, my mother will always wake my sister and I up at 8:00 A.M on every Sunday morning to go for church service. It was a bit tedious waking up early in the morning because we had to wake up at 7:00 A.M from Monday to Friday for school and I thought at least we needed to rest on Saturdays and Sunday. But that was not so. My mother never played with the Sabbath day, thus how she called Sundays. She said Sunday was a sacred day that ought not to be broken. She said Sunday is sacred day we go to Church to learn about God and his beautiful creation.

So for every Sunday, that was the routine. We went to church to learn about God and his creation. At church, I learnt that the universe was created by God in six days while God rested on the last day. That was what I grew up with. From my Bible studies, the creation story was so clear such that, I did not dispute any facet of the story. That was the truth and that was what I was supposed to live with. But when I grew up and started learning about science and the incredible works and inventions of man, my initial believe in the Bible’s creation story became a little bit shaky.

Science had their own origin story to the earth, and it had no correlation to what Christians knew. Science had been able to achieve a lot of great feet’s in its sphere of life. I have grown to learn theories and laws from great scientists and inventors whose books have influenced me a lot. But there is one thing science have failed to acknowledge, and that was the fact that, nature is unique and no amount of intellectual capacity can cheat or override nature.

Nature teaches that, everything in this universe is complementary – thus in pairs. Day and night, man and woman, good and evil, life and death, joy and sorrow, rich and poor etc. All these go a long way to teach that there are two sides to every situation on this planet. Once I met a man who became instantly rich after graduation from college who was carrying a load on his head. From his movement and walking it was apparent that he was now a poor man. I was asking myself why he was carrying a load on the head – doing a menial job while he could be sitting in the office working with his college degree. He then looked at me in a funny way and said, “No condition is permanent in this world and there are two sides to everything in this universe”.

Another time, I encountered a man who refused to support his stepdaughter’s education in my community because he said the girl was not his biological daughter. Many years after, the girl was able to complete school and get a well-paid job, this man had a fatal accident and he needed to be operated on or he dies. But the operation could only happen with money, which he did not have at that time. Then the mother of the girl had to intervene to coax the girl to support his step dad who had refused to cater for her education. But the daughter never agreed until the man died in shame. One lesson I also learned here was that, what goes around definitely comes around, we sow what we reap.

So in a nut shell, I will say nature has always been teaching us the right ways of doing things. Some are conspicuous, while others are latent, but we have to decipher the moral lesson and the crux of every natural phenomenon and situation in our lives. I believe with this as the foresight in any endeavour of our lives, we can build a world where we do not only dictate things that happen, but also allow nature to dictate the best ways for us.

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Jacob A. Osae

Jacob A. Osae

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