Your gaze keeps switching between the crest at the top corner, to the name on the admission letter. It’s okay!!. You have been admitted. Looking at the letter a thousand times doesn’t re-admit you.

Pack your bags and let’s get going. They call it north, we call it home. It’s probably your first time of coming to the upper west region and I guess you were tired traveling such a long distance and you were perplexed whether Bole Bamboi is truly one district as they say due to the distance between bamboi and bole. Anyway that is the president’s district so forget about dumsor. If you think things are cheaper here, herh!, then you better go back home and ask for more money or take a phone and call for reinforcement in your bank account.

Lest I forget, sorry you didn’t have me to tell you earlier before you came that most of the hostels are scattered around Bamahu and not on the school campus. Moreover, with an unofficial apology , forgive the SRC for not pre-informing you on the school website that you are to pay some amount as UDS Wa campus surcharges. That is UDS Wa campus SRC for you oo, they gave notice through the social media especially WhatsApp but you were not part of any campus group. But at least they will give you a shirt to flex with at home; to show your mates you are now a university student.

Do you know mummies kitchen, Glorious ventures and all the printing presses and provisional stores in Bamahu? This terrain isn’t the “original memory card, Pen drive, promotion” gimmick at kejetia or kantamanto. The vendors in UDS are sharper than the actuaries at the central bank. Once you get to campus like this , as a fresher, they would recoup all the monies they missed out during the vacation.

Of course there are halls in the schools. They are upper west, Jubilee, cardinal, royal and limann hall. I just didn’t talk about it because I, Noble Kwabena Domfeh Emmanuel, don’t even know the hall I’m affiliated to but each year I pay hall affiliation dues. But bare in mind, if you are a lady and you have been affiliated to upper west hall , hmmm then your family enemies are at work papa!

As freshers, most of you will go to lecture halls two or more hours earlier than the lecture time. You would just be frustrating yourselves. When you become a continuing students, you will sit in your hostels and expect the VC to come take you to lectures.

The reason UDS is considered such a “difficult” school which makes some people refer to us as “university for difficult studies” is because of the pace of academic work. To the extent that some DEVCOSA members sit on top of trees to learn but still get 39%. Awww don’t be afraid at all. It’s just assignments, quizzes, mid-trim, end of trim exams and a very scorching sun for each day of your course. Some lecturers will smile and crack jokes with you in class. You will feel like you are watching uncle Ebos drama. If I were you , I will start crying. Usually, only a few of such lecturers are forgiving in academic field oo. Get an F, he or she will give you F… with a smelling face of course.

Now I want to discuss a very important aspect of university life with you. If you are a lady reading this letter, kindly skip this paragraph, ok?. Now , my guy, I must tell you, UDS ladies don’t care about what you wear, caring or freshness ooo. All they want is motor bike. As long as u ride motor whether with one tyre or four tyres , you will get them.

Ladies can now resume reading, guys skip. Ladies I know your mothers must have told you to bring a “human being” home, you can’t deny it. Please if she didn’t tell you, I beg go back home for clarification. But just relax. Take your time. Campus relationship is very difficult. There are lots of guys you would want to be with once you are here. Some very cute and funny but be careful. If he gets what he wants, all that nice boy ns3ms3m will vanish. And he will be replaced by his evil twin. Be warned!

Tech , Legon and the rest were there but you chose UDS. Anyway you have really chosen the best school trust me. Yeah , sometimes the SRC people will annoy you small p3 but just take it. They are human. But this school is worth it. I had my doubt’s coming but I have never regretted. Especially the kind of experience the third trimester field practical programme (TTFPP), where first and second year students are sent to deprived communities, which makes us unique among our co equals has given me. When you see me, call me. my name is NOBLE QUABENA DOMFEH EMMANUEL  and I will tell you more about TtFpp. I personally worship with the church of Pentecost SSNIT ASSEMBLY, you can join me or find a good place to worship your God because you won’t get anywhere without God on this campus. There’s a lot I wish to tell you but I would probably never finish so let me leave you with this last thing before I forget; when you see me and ask for more. The SRC week celebration is celebrated every second trimester and that is the school’s Christmas week. Hope you brought your shs uniform to rep your school. If you didn’t next trim don’t forget to bring it because you can’t afford to miss it. For now, since you have matriculated, I warmly welcome you to this pride of the north ; The University for Development Studies (UDS).


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