Ten years from now, no one will remember the clothing line you wore, the nice restaurants you ate at, the menu you chose, or the perfume you wore. Ten years from now, it will not matter which university you attended, which seminar you participated or which books you read.

What will matter ten years from now, is how you managed your life with all the knowledge accumulated from these universities, the books you read or the seminars you attended. The impacts your life had on humanity. Ten years from now what will matter is whether you are living or your dreams or you’re helping others to live their dreams.

When you follow on the path of others, it takes you to where others have been but when you chart your own path, it takes you to a new destination and that is where you are meant to be. Every one of us is uniquely created to impact on the world differently. Use the power of your brains. The fact that you have a dream does not mean it will come to pass, it might as well be a nightmare unless you follow through with commitment, hard work and dedication. The highest regrets you may ever contemplate is that if you fail to live your dreams, someone else will hire and use you to realize and live their dreams.

When you die today and you’re gone, nothing else will matter, you will be remembered for only two things;

  1. The problems you solved and
  2. The problems you caused.

I elect to be remembered for the problems I solved. What about you?

It is in the light of this that the Psalmist wrote; “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain wisdom of the heart.” ~Psalm 90:12. May the Lord, guard and guide your thoughts into revolutionary ideas, always keeping in mind that…

*You Have Greatness Within: Express To Impress*

Remember; YOU ARE A WINNER!!!

Your Friend,

Richard Kwasi Anim -Sir Raks


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