A Halfway Journey Through the University


There was a cold chill down my spine as I sat in the metro mass bus on 27th September, 2013, from Kumasi to the University for Development Studies (UDS), Wa campus. I felt life had just begun. The time when my dreams and aspirations are within reach.

I was not offered the course I chose, and this really made me struggle deciding whether to pursue Integrated Business studies, course I was offered instead of the bachelor of commerce I chose. After praying and considering certain factors, I finally decided to pursue my course.

I told myself that the time for me to shine is now. The time to become the person I have been dreaming of become is now. It does not matter the limitations life gives me;
I matter, the world is waiting.

Like how kids make unusual noises while trying to make scary faces, I only put up a scary face when my dream comes to mind. My greatest fear had always been my dreams; the fear of not being able to achieve all of them scares me but I know there is no need to fear as far as God is in total control.

I wrote my last paper for level 200 on 24th May 2015. Sure, a lot happened throughout this level. Good, bad and ugly things. I have really learnt great life lessons, be it bitter, sour and sweet. Learning was great. The media activities were splendid. Yeah I am a proud student journalist.

I host the supreme morning show on the campus radio station. During these years, I got to know many great personalities. Some loved my personality too, Others did not. Some encouraged me, others did not. Some heard the name Sir Noble, others did not. But I know they are all reading this piece.

To those I’ve offended, I ask forgiveness. To those who offended me, sure, I forgave you long time. To those I helped, I pray I get the strength to do more. To those who helped me, God richly bless you.

Dzifa I surely cannot complete a whole story of my stay in level 100 and 200 without mentioning your name. We had ups and downs in our friendship but I really enjoyed every bit of your company. The stories about your boyfriend that you share with me, your cooking and the funny crying when you have little problems. You really taught me a whole lot of stuff; I am not flattering you.

Truly, no condition has ever been permanent. I went through sorrow, through pain, and swam through happiness. I was discriminated and acknowledged at different points in time. In all I still lived stronger.

Level 100 and 200 is indeed over and this is my story. Hoping for a better level 300 and 400. Though the start of level 300 has been difficult for me, I know biribiaa b3y3 fine. Everything good is in the pipe line.


The story has always been short.
The name is Noble Kwabena Domfeh Emmanuel.
You can call me Sir Noble though.
First born of 3.
Hope you enjoyed my level 100 and 200 journey.








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