“Turn your magic on” to me she said “everything we ever dreamed of is a meter away, for we will be legends from this day, we are diamonds taking shape; we are gold being refined to radiance”

How mellifluous, her words pierced my heart. These were endearing words, she spoke to me in a dignified fashion. When I held her by the waist and looked into her eyes. This was not so complicated like rocket science……………Little did we know that our love was an adventure of a life time…………… It would not survive the test of time.

“I can’t go on any more” to me she said “our love was a dream that died before the light of day,
So take your half of the sky and let me go my way, I won’t consider my choice, my mind heard my voice”

How gruesome, her word bruised my heart. These were distasteful words, she spoke to me in a condescending manner. After she left my hands and started to walk away. Can I call this complicated – a complicated story indeed…………. And now I feel my heart beating, yeah I feel my heart racing underneath my skin, because she made me feel like am going to die again.

Next time I meet her I ask for an explanation. I was not going to give up on her. But she turns to my face and blurts out; “I can‘t be with you.” I ask why, she replies “it’s complicated.” What a complicated story. A dream that faded by the light of day. How pain can have your heart decay.
At the moment I need a cord of comprehension, this story is complicated, sophisticated, it leaves me agitated, but can’t be debated and all I need right now is for it to get sublimated.

That day I was empty, seeping a cool drink under the cozy sunlight. Then is came, she was dying…………..dying! Dying of what?………………….More complication, this needs no hesitation. I run to see her, hoping to coax her, so we can…………….no to be strong..

I move closer to her bed to see her face, having lost some intrinsic grace. She tries to smile…
She struggles…………am touched by her agony. I then hold her by the hand and say “ turn your magic on, everything we ever dreamed of is a meter away, for we are legends every day, we are diamonds taking shape; we are gold being refined to radiance” I move closer and look her in the eyes…” If we’ve only got this life, If our love is an adventure ………oh then I want to share it with you………… yea with you, yea with you, after all it not so complicated at all.

So she died…………I thought it was so complicated……..but I realized it was not so complicated after all. Because the only thing that makes a complicated story complicated is fact that, it is not so complicated as we think it is complicated.


Jacob A. Osae

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