So it turns out human trafficking is a thing in Ghana. A woman was arrested for trafficking some 16 kids to the Middle East. That is the only real novelty this week on the crime circuit I’m afraid. It’s pretty much the cheap stuff form there on; child rape and bloody murder.

We however start this week with some updates from our marquee crime of passion from last week. Paul Aveneme, the 26-year-old man who infamously stabbed his girlfriend (Jennifer Atieku) to death for attempting (it was over bruh) to end their five-year relationship has dropped a bombshell that may just justify this murder. They had made a blood covenant. I think we better start campaigning for his release. We all know the penalty for going back on a blood covenant, don’t we?

He allegedly told some hospital officials attending to him at the Alpha Medical Centre that he was not willing to let his lover leave him for another man. Jennifer was stabbed to death by Paul last Thursday and I should add that Paul, a taxi driver, is a Gabonese national. I’m not sure it has anything to do with anything but I guess it’s nice to know Ghanaian crime is not xenophobic.

A source at the hospital told DAILY GUIDE that the two lovers swore under the said covenant to stay together till death and sensing that she was slipping away (more like slipped) he decided to end it all by killing her and then committing suicide. He went 1 for 2 on that front. Not bad. He asked that he be buried close to his lover when he also passes away while receiving medical attention. The Ghanaian medical system may screw up when a pregnant mother needs help but Paul won’t be so lucky I reckon. He’ll be living.

It appears Paul was a bit possesive. Jennifer made the right move dumping his ass. According to a friend of the deceased, Jennifer lost interest in the relationship after Paul started to maltreat her. “She was not allowed to make friends or even give out her personal phone number to friends. Even if Jennifer wanted to do something, she had to seek permission from Paul before she would be allowed to do it. She became fed up with it and wanted to end the relationship but she was afraid.”


The Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) has arrested Nabista Margaret, 33, for trafficking kids. The bust was on Tuesday, November 10at her hideout in Kpone following a tip-off. She was looking to traffic 13 young girls and three young boys, aged between 15 and 20 years old, to Kuwait and Jordan under the guise of evangelism. Very funny. How many teenage missionaries do we see heading to the Middle East again?

Nabista confessed after police found seven passports bearing the names of some of the children. She stated that she transported the victims from Dambai in the Volta region to Kpone for evangelism after she whipped up their interest in doing God’s work. The suspect said they had been in Kpone for the past ten days and were getting ready for the next stop.

A second suspect, Emmanuel Ashatey who was aiding Margaret in her dubious activities has also been arrested to assist in investigations in other words, he was snitching. The victims have been relocated to a shelter pending investigations after which suspects will be arraigned. The Police say they are making efforts to unite the children with their families after investigations.


Answer me this: what do you get when you deny a man high on weed some fufu?

Hacked at with a cutlass.

A man identified as Kwame Osei, 35 years has been assaulted with a cutlass butchered by an Osman Manu when a scuffle ensued between the two at Nyamebekyere Enyano in the Western region – over fufu. It had to be the western region didn’t it. A proper ni99er moment.

The deceased was enjoying a bowl of fufu on Friday when he was approached by the high Manu. Osman wanted to partake in Osei’s fufu. The answer here is an obvious no. Over my dead body I would have said. Osei probably said the same thing. According to an eyewitness, Osei was eating his fufu when Osman asked to join but his request was turned down. An argument ensued between them, and Osman pushed Osei, who also retaliated by hitting him with a flash light. A short victory for Osei.

Osman left and came back with a cutlass and started chasing Kwame who ran next door for help. Two men in a sprint. One has a tummy full of fufu, the other is hungry and raging. The result was never in doubt. Osman caught up to Osei and gave his cutlass a belly full of blood.

The news report did well to emphasize Osman was high on weed. That, I feel, is the primary variable in this violent equation. Never deny a man high on weed some of your fufu – life hack.


Let’s end with a pedophile tale just for the record. A 40-year-old bar man has been picked up by DOVSU because he couldn’t keep his hand out of the underage cookie jar. Kobina Duodu raped this 14 year old several times and it appears the victim was playing help to him and his wife.

Upon interrogation it was revealed that the suspect had sexual intercourse with the girl one midnight after his wife had refused to make love to him. I knew it! All the woman’s fault.

The girl revealed her ordeals when the Guardian and Counseling (G and C) Unit of Agona West Municipal Directorate of Ghana Education Service visited her school.

Hopefully the police recognize the real culprit here – his wife, for not giving him some and forcing his perv hand.

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