The crime report took a break last week because criminals and crazy people took the week off for the most part. No suicides, rapes or enhanced disciplinary efforts on the part of parents but there was one crazy robbery which I will get to soon. This week features the chilling offcuts of apparent mental illness that left 2 kids dead – yes the kids are still taking bad Ls. We also have some fiery pettiness that sees an ex-lover set ablaze and some murder news from the diaspora.

This week however starts with the quite bizarre robbery from a couple of weeks ago and a bad day for four individuals in particular. This robbery saw a passenger bus working the Tamale – Gushegu route attacked by a robbers. They got the passengers off the bus and ordered them to lay prostate on the road as they conducted their business. The thing is this road didn’t cease to be a road just because some robbery victims were lying on it. Before they knew it a bus came in from the opposite direction and run into the passengers who had been lying on the road. Four died on the spot. Like I said, a bad day for four individuals.

The other passengers sustained severe injuries and rushed into a nearby bush. They are receiving treatment at the Gushiegu Government Hospital and I guess they can consider themselves lucky. The robbers wend up to murders though and the police are out for them.

18245209.295Now onto the news that met most Ghanaians early this week. A 40-year-old mother poisoned her two daughters to death at Essikado in the Western Region – the hub of craziness. It’s been a good while since we got a good crazy story from them. The woman, Naana Bray, believed to be mentally challenged, is suspected to have laced her kid’s beverage with pesticide and fed it to them last Sunday.

Neighbors say the woman had separated from her husband who is the father of the deceased children and the courts had ordered their father to take custody of the children on that Sunday but over their dead body Naana probably said. The neighbors found the lifeless bodies of the children in their room with the mother sitting beside them in a nonchalant grace. Their mother has since been arrested whilst the bodies of the children are in a morgue for autopsy.unnamed

Naana’s older brother asserted that her sister was diagnosed with Schizophrenia after she had given birth according to the medical report from the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital in the Central Region. He explained that because of Naana’s condition he husband, who is believed to be a teacher in one of the senior high schools in Sekondi, left the matrimonial home and found himself a different abode. So much for “for better or for worse”. The one thing you don’t do when you think someone is crazy is flee and leave your kids with them I reckon. Sorry stuff here.

The trend of crimes of passion involving burnt flesh continues with Police in Obuasi arresting one Yaw Acheampong, a taxi driver, for allegedly setting his ex-lover and rival ablaze while they slept. The suspect was alleged to have set the room in which the two lovers were sleeping out of sheer jealousy after his ex-lover, Yaa Serwaah, had called off their 13-year-old relationship. Acheampong and Yaa Serwaah had cohabited for almost 13 years until a month ago when the woman ended the relationship and moved in with her side man, Akwasi Yeboah. The couple were badly burnt in the fire and were rushed to the Anglo Gold Ashanti Hospital and later the Komfo Anokye Hospital where they both died from their severe burns.

The police initially treated the fire as an accident  until Yeboah’s mother reported to the police that she suspected Acheampong, to be the brain behind the fire. As fate would have it this mother was in a taxi where she overheard the driver saying to someone over the phone “I have burnt them and I am not sure if she should come back to life, she will ever cheat on a man.” I guess in his world there is a chance people come back from the dead.

Yeboah’s mother was the police station making a statement when guess who passed by – Achempong. You would think after a heinous crime one would go into hiding but nope. Business as usual for this fella. To be fair he did think the girl would come back from the dead so maybe he didn’t have murder on his mind. Yeboah’s mother fingered him out and Acheampong’s cab was stopped.

The police questioned him but he denied ever setting the room on fire. The police are still holding him as the prime suspect and are employing the Siano CSI to help close this case. I really do not see any clear cut evidence against Acheampong as things stand. Everything could be argued as quite circumstantial

My final crime pick this week comes from the diaspora for the first time. A husband, Minta Adiddo, has been jailed for 17 years to life after murdering his wife, Akua Agyemang a little over a year ago. In the words of King James, he stabbed his wife not once, not twice, no thrice but 15 times. Of course this grisly attack wasn’t enough so he proceeded to run her over with his car just because. Now what would necessitate such murderous lengths on the part of her husband? Well he thought she was having an affair with a neighbour.

article-2524723-1A23174A00000578-237-306x423Minta’s wife did survive this savage attack and was admitted receiving treatment in hospital during which time Adiddo took time to send her a Christmas. He blamed his attack on ‘devils’. Not the devil but devils. “I know the devil used Williams to destroy our family,” he wrote. “Please, please, please, I need forgiveness from you – open yourself to God.”The 32-year-old mother of two eventually died two months after the brutal stabbing, which was harrowingly witnessed by her five-year-old daughter.

Adiddo, 38, was this week given a life sentence after being convicted of murder, with a minimum term of 17 years. The Sainsbury’s worker from Enfield, North London, had pleaded guilty to manslaughter, although he denied murder. That was the devils fault. The court heard Adiddo suspected his wife was having an affair with their neighbor Oledapo Etti-Williams in October 2012. Mr Etti-Williams denied it but said they exchanged three to four ‘sometimes flirtatious’ texts a day – and phone records showed they had sometimes sent as many as 80 messages in one day. That sounds like an affair if you ask me.article-2524723-1A23174200000578-222-306x423

On November 5, Adiddo stabbed his wife with a large kitchen knife in their bedroom while their one-year-old daughter slept in a cot next to them. Ms Agyeman managed to escape through the living room window, waking neighbours with her screams but her husband chased her down and repeatedly stabbed her as she lay on the ground. When Adiddo realised she still wasn’t dead he got in his car and run her over.

Ms Agyeman’s last words as she lay injured were to ask if her children were all right. When Taraji P Henson plays her in the movies you know that will be the Oscar winning moment.

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