12936558_611365305682065_7588234280598342102_nThe Vice Chancellor’s Debate Championship – #vcdc is an annual debate championship of the university community organized by the official debate society of the school – the UGDS. It is aimed at developing eloquent public speaking skills, critical thinking skills and other most necessary soft skills necessary for the job market and for life. This year’s championship was housed in the Great Hall of the University of Ghana with the most proficient speakers, debaters and adjudicators poised to give off their best for the success of the program, and for themselves.

It all begun with 30 minutes of introductory speaking of the audience, where they (audience) aired their views respectively on the trending issue at hand: the Prophet T.B Joshua and his prophecy concerning terrorism in the country. Candid and resplendent views were expressed on this matter.

Introductions of debaters, speakers, adjudicators and officials followed quickly after. The general program outline was also enumerated on.

After, students’ expectations of the various hopefuls in the current SRC Elections were then sought. Competence of the candidates and their Policies were amongst the key factors the audience emphasized on by the audience to which they said will affect their votes and choice of preferences.

A spoken word performance by Sarfo and team was received.

Opening Address by UGDS Patron, Mr. Derrick Okpoti.
Mr. Okpoti spoke extensively on the importance of the debate society, the accomplishments thereof and the numerous benefits it gives members for their respective carrier life. He highlighted on the soft skills needed for the job market which us not taught in lecture halls, but can only be acquired through associations like the debate society. His speech was well received. He also gave a foresight of the debate society’s vision for next year, and the various plans put in place.

Introduction of Adjudicators for Public Speaking Contest.
Sharon is the adjudged Chief Adjudicator and facilitates the program. The contest begins.

Public Speaking Contest (Finals)
Speakers are given an impromptu topic to speak on in 3 minutes. They are also given 3 minutes to prepare. (i.e. as a speaker is speaking, the next speaker is preparing for his turn). Each speaker is expected to make sense out of the topic given in the allocated 3 minutes.

1. Melody Vanderpuje – Love is not the stuff of Pop Songs (Topic)
2. Nii Komey – Discipline is not a dirty word.
3. Godfred – Lying is a good idea, sometimes.
4. Kofi Boateng – Uniforms: the Enemies of Individuality.
5. Shaffic Osman – Money makes the world go round.
6. Jude – Goals are good for you.
7. Isaac – The more we communicate, the less we say.
8. Lenora – Midnight Memories.
End of Public Speaking Contest.

Beginning of Debate.
The motions are raised and debaters are given 15 minutes to prepare. The British style of debate is used: that is, no electronic form of getting information is allowed but only foreknowledge and hard copy sources of information are accepted. Any other source of information is not tolerated.

Motion: This house believes that Public Universities in Africa should be required to reduce enrolments in degree programs that have statistically poor employment outcomes.

Team Pink – Aurelia, Prince – Open Government
Dream Team – Priscilla Owusu, Ziyaad. – Close Government
Zongo Boys – Shaffic Osman, Karim Ibrahim- Open Opposition
Team Ace – Sharon Yemesor, Jessica Owusua – Close Opposition

Beckie Enyonam Ahadzie is recognized as chair of the Judges.

Spoken Word Interludes (15 minutes preparation time)
Sabukie Osabutey
Put your ideas into action and let your thoughts stop swimming in the pool of imagination. – Sabukie
Protect your “great walls of Jericho”. – Sabukie

Nana Yaa Agyapong.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do these questions mean to you? – Nana Yaa.

Keynote Address by Asst. Registrar of Sports Directorate. – Ms. Regina Afari Boateng.
Ms. Afari Boateng contemplated on the half-filled hall, comparing it to the previous year’s edition which was held in the Law School’s auditorium and was filled to capacity with even an overflow. She ignited the executives for a better job next year. She also spoke extensively on the importance of debating and emphasized on the skills attained from debating. She then recognized the Executives for successfully hosting the Pan-African debate championship which was hosted in Legon, dubbed #Legon2015.

She later enumerated that this year’s pan-African championship will be held in Zimbabwe, and the whole team will be moving there. She also gave a special briefing on how the giving of the prizes for this year’s #vcdc, saying they will be given at the Vice Chancellor’s Executive Dinner for the Sports Directorate for excelling sports men and women, which will come off on the 29th April, 2016. She wished all debaters a good session.

Debate Begins
Lawrence Nii Quaye
Nancy Addison Danquah
Ezekiel Nii Tetteh
Akaho Etornam
Beckie Ahadzie (Chief)
Caleb – Time Keeper

Open Government – Team Pink (Prince)
Open Government, Prince, enumerated on Lack of innovation being a main problem in Africa. He then emphasized on the unimportance of coming to the university to get a degree in swimming, which will be readily sponsored by the government; convincing the audience to his side of the argument.

Open Opposition – Zongo Boys (Shaffic)
““Once you get out of School without getting a job, you become useless – Prince.” This is not so.” – Shaffic combats. “The essence of Tertiary Education is to make a world-class oriented person and not to just to get a degree.” he continues. “Sociology and Archeology students do not only want to get a job, but to make society a better place.” – Shaffic enumerates.

Deputy Prime Minister – Open Government (Aurelia) (Team Pink)
“You only affect or make society a better place when you have funds; and you can only get funds if you have a job.” – Aurelia quickly combats. “Public universities should be job oriented.” “If the courses are not beneficial to society, we will reduce the enrollments; not necessarily scraping it out.” “Government is funding Tertiary institutions, and must benefit from the graduates. If you want other almost non-beneficial courses, you might go to other private universities.” With these and other successive points raised, Aurelia convinces and wins the audience back to her side of making universities more job-oriented.

Deputy Prime Minister – Open Opposition (Karim) (Zongo Boys)
“There is a reason why Komla Dumor left Medicine to Journalism.” With this as a back-bone, Karim continued with consistent evidence and proofs, shutting down POIs and elaborating on evidential proofs to prove his point. He made the efforts of giving suitable examples to support his claim and successfully defended his view point.

Close Government – Dream Team (Ziyaad)
Ziyaad simply but effectively begun with a Latin quote which transcribes “Let the welfare of the people be the Supreme Law.” He then made his points and emphasized on how students should be motivated to learn harser and achieve higher results. He elaborated on the reasons why Higher and Better results are needed. “It is not in the interest of government to have a work force that have theoretical knowledge that cannot be applied to solve everyday problems.” – Ziyaad ended.

Close Opposition – Team Ace (Sharon)
Sharon begun fluently and simply making out and arguing down her points of Degree programs not enough for the job market. “Government should not decrease the scope of employability to degree courses.” She emphasized. “Government has run from their responsibility of providing jobs for the workforce.” She later echoed into the minds of the Open Government. “The degree in itself is not strong enough to give people the required abilities to serve society.” – Sharon.

Deputy Prime Minister – Close Government (Priscilla) (Dream Team)
Priscilla begun by counter-batting the close oppositions points and raising hers up “We are not saying these people are not relevant in the job market, we are saying universities are producing too much of such people for the job market.” She said. “Example, 100+ graduates for Swimming, whiles only 1 expert is needed in a pool.” She emphasized with enumeration. “We are making these courses very important by increasing the grade point and increasing competition amongst students.” – Priscilla later raised and defended this point.

Deputy Prime Minister – Close Opposition (Jessica) (Team Ace)
“No degree or piece of knowledge is unemployable. It is government failing to provide jobs.” Jessica quickly and smartly counter-bats the arguments for the close governments before raising up her issues. “Employment does not outweigh knowledge” Jessica discussed as she run down Priscilla’s speculations. “People who get to school and do not get jobs are not a shame. The shame is when people do not go to school. It is best to make them go to school to attain skills to make them employable. Graduates are employable in society.” Jessica ends with a thought-provoking piece.

End of Debate.
Short Address by Director of Sports Directorate – Dr. Belan Bello
“Passing through the university is to make one capable of holding any managerial position, not considering whatever one has done.” Dr. Belan begun by giving such word of advice and consequently taking sides on the motion. He later emphasized on the importance of tertiary education to the job market. “After the debate stops, action begins – VC.” – Dr. Belan ended with the piece of thought from the Vice-Chancellor that we should not only end at the speaking levels, but zoom on into actions as well.

Awards, Winners and Presentations
Winners – DREAM TEAM (Priscilla Osei-Wusu and Ziyaad Shiraz)
Best Speaker for Novice Championship – Mr. Ziyaad Shiraz

3rd Position – Leonora Abbey (Midnight Memories)
2nd Position – Kofi Boateng (Uniforms: the Enemies of Individuality)
1st Position – Jude Kwagyir (Goals are good for you)

TOP 10 SPEAKERS OF UG Debate Society 2015/2016
10. Akosua Agyapong
8 (Draw). Jessica Owusuah Amo
8 (Draw). Aaron Nii Komey
7. Michael Owusu Frimpong
6. Derrick Ackah Nyamitse
5. Sharon Yemesor
4. Abena Attipoe
3. Shaffic Osman
2. Abdul Ibrahim

2nd – Etornam Akaho
1st – Ezekiel Addy (BEST ADJUDICATOR)
BEST NEW ADJUDICATOR (Special Category) – Etornam Akaho

CLOSE OPPOSITION – TEAM ACE !!!!!! (Sharon Yomesor and Jessica Armooh – The Only All-female team to the finals!!!) Team Ace has won this year’s #vcdc at the Great Hall as Close Opposition!!!

[Quick Message: Congratulations from ugfile.com to Sharon and Jessica of Team Ace for winning this year’s prestigious Vice Chancellor’s Debate Championship. We wish you all the best and let the good days continue. Kudos!]

End of Awards.

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Vote of Thanks by Shaffic Osman – Ag. Vice President.


Comments by Author
This year’s #vcdc was the most prestigious one organized by the UGDS, and we at ugfile.com will like to congratulate the Executive Board for the tremendous efforts made to make this program a success. We will also like to acknowledge all the speakers, debaters and adjudicators for a good work done. We’ll also quicken and motivate the entire student populace to enthroin to join the debate society: as it will help develop the necessary soft skills needed for the outside world and give an insight into outside affairs.

Kudos once again to Team Ace, winners of this year’s #vcdc. We wish you all the very best.

UGDS – WIt, Integrity, Voice.

UGDS – Too Cool Not To Argue.



Photo Credit: The University of Ghana Debate Society (Facebook Page)

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