2016/2017 UG-SRC Elections: Business Booms for Printing Houses as Number of Aspirants Increases


Even before the ban on campaigning is lifted, UG-SRC aspirants are already investing heavily in printing posters, stickers, and banners. And this is good business for printing companies.

For some printing houses (on and off campus), business is booming.

“We sat down and thought of a way to help the candidates. And we decided to print smaller but colour stickers…like 10, 000 (of them) for GHc 500…Many of them (the aspirants) are with me…Business is good, ” Malopia Designs told this reporter.

“Yes, it is going well by God’s grace,” Peter of the SDiamond Prints house stated.

A record number is interested in the presidency. Twenty-three at the last count! Several others are set to battle it out for the rest of the positions.

This stage is just the covert campaign period; none of the printouts contains any direct appeal for votes, rather they contain such ‘loaded’ and fantastic messages as: “In Pursuance Of Student Development Agenda”, “Unity for Development. #Enkasa “, “Students’ welfare…Our priority”, “You are the focus. Time asoo!”, “Financial Brilliance Inspires”,…And even an acrostic, “Work In Serving Students’ Interests”, Wissi!

If all the candidates pass the vetting scheduled to take place soon, business can only get better for these campanies.

Emmanuel Asakinaba

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