15 Facts about 2016 UG SRC Aspirants


Vetting for this year’s University of Ghana SRC elections will come off March 30 at the SRC Union buiding at 8pm. Below are some facts about the aspirants who are expected to appear before the vetting committee.

1. Four (4) aspirants are Jubilee Hall/International Students Hostel residents
• Eugene Agyei (Prez Aspirant)
• Sylvester Gyimah (Eugene’s Veep)
• Esinam Afi Seade (Prez Aspirant)
• Shadrach Mireku (Jubilee Hall)

2. Four (4) aspirants are also residents of Commonwealth Hall
• Agyekum Joseph (Prez Asp)
• Akharigeya Atabinore Joshua (Amofa’s Veep)
• Ampofo Prince Amoah (Treasurer Asp)
• Adusei Evans Yeboah (Gilbert’s Veep)

3. Three (3) aspirants are residents of Mensah Sarbah Hall
• Ken Richie D. Glikpo (Prez Asp)
• Sowah Onasis (Prez Asp)
• Adu Acquah (Treasurer Aspirant)

4. Three (3) aspirants are residents of Alexander Adum Kwapong Hall
• Amofa Emmanuel Adu (Prez Aspirant)
• Kissi Prince (Shadrach’s veep)
• Boahen Nana Yaw Adjei (Allen’s Veep)

5. Three (3) aspirants are residents of Jean Nelson Aka Hall
Richmond Dompreh (Esinam’s veep)
Alleng Obeng Asare (Prez Asp)
Barbara Zen (Secretary Asp)

6. Two (2) aspirants are residents of Legon Hall
• Wissi Wisdom (Prez Asp)
• Torsu Kwadzo Alfred (Treasurer Asp)

7. Two (2) aspirants are residents of African Union Hall (Pentagon)
• Sheriff K. Amoah (Sowah’s Veep)
• Isaac Darpoh (Wissi’s veep)

8. One aspirant (1) is a resident of Dr. Limann Hall
• Emmanuel K. Benyi (Ken Richie’s veep)

9. One (1) aspirant is a resident of Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall
Aboraa Sika Marfo (Secretary Asp) while another is also the sole aspirant from Akuafo Hall- Gilbert Asamoah Ayebeng (Prez Aspirant).

10. Eight (8)Study political science as major, minor or combine –
• Ken Richie D. Glikpo (Prez Asp.)
• Amofa Emmanuel Adu (Prez Asp.)
• Akharigeya Atabinore Joshua (Amofa’s Veep)
• Isaac Darpoh (Wissi’s veep)
• Shadrach Mireku (Prez Asp.)
• Kissi Prince (Shadrach’s veep)
• Torsu Kwadzo Alfred (Treasurer Aspirant)
• Aboraa Sika Marfo(Secretary Aspirant).

11. Six (6) study Economics as major, minor or combine-
• Adu Acquah Emmanuel(Treasurer Aspirant)
• Agyekum Joseph (Prez Asp)
• Emmanuel J. Benya (Ken Richie’s veep)
• Wissi Wisdom (Prez Asp)
• Sylvester Gyimah (Eugene’s veep)

12. Six (6) study Information studies as major, minor or combine
• Wissi Wisdom (Prez Asp)
• Sylvester Gyimah (Eugene’s veep)
• Sowah Onasis (Prez Asp)
• Agyekum Joseph (Prez Asp)
• Adu Acquah Emmanuel(Treasurer Aspirant)
• Emmanuel J. Benya (Ken Richie’s veep)

13. Four (4) aspirants are students of the University of Ghana Business School
• Boahen Nana Yaw Adjei (Allen’s veep)
• Richmond Dompreh
• Ampofo Prince Amoah
• Adusei Evans Yeboah (Gilbert’s veep)

14. Three (3) study Sociology as major, minor or combine
• Eugene Agyei (Prez Asp)
• Sowah Onasis (Prez Asp)
• Sheriff k. Amoah (Sowah’s Veep)


15. Two (3) Study Psychology as major, minor or combine
• Esinam Afi Seade (Prez Asp)
• Allen Obeng Asare (Prez Aspirant)

NB :Above data was obtained from interaction with 24 aspirants (Prez and Veep counted separately) out of 25.

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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  1. Richmond Steven Donald Opoku says:

    These are good facts
    But actually not wat some of us want to hear
    These facts has no emphasis on their individual influences and contribution to de maiden university of Ghana. Student politics is growing beyond what people are, why do they think they deserve what dey are asking from university of Ghana ?

  2. Thanks. but i was hoping for more than these as Richmond has rightly pointed out. If it was a face to face interaction with them, then you could have gone much deeper than just the courses they offer. Not enough to make an informed decision.

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