Trump’s triumph over Hillary has hilariously taken the world by storm. These are some lessons you should note;

1⃣ Your failure brings those who never believed in you close. However, your success will bring them even closer. They’ll stare at you in awe!

2⃣ Don’t underestimate anyone. Our greatest competitors/threats often present themselves as the most feeble.

3⃣ You’ve silent supporters. Never think you’re alone!

4⃣ There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Misfortunes can be fortunes only if you react to them well. Take advantage!

5⃣ Know your audience. Know your target market and keep hitting at them with your message. They’ll help you spread the message to others you could never reach on your own.

6⃣ It does not matter what others think about you. What matters is what you think about yourself!

7⃣ Someone’s ready to give you another chance regardless of all your “buts”.

8⃣ Try hard to work at your dreams in spite of the setbacks. After all, there’s nothing to lose even if you don’t achieve them.

9⃣ Some successes we will chalk will not only shock our enemies. It will even shock us!

🔟 Sometimes we get to the top… and wonder how we got there despite all the laws of life we broke.

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The writer is a playwright, an entrepreneur and columnist with The Mirror. Like his Facebook page for more motivation.



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