1⃣ “All men are cheats. Just cope with him.”

Good men don’t cheat. Don’t kill yourself coping!

2⃣ “If you love him or her, sex is a proof.”

Premarital sex is no proof. If your proclaimed love is not enough proof, trust me, they’ve trust issues!

3⃣ “Literally fight for your love. Go have a bout with whoever you think they’re cheating with.”

That’s what your household witches tell you when they want your premature death.

4⃣ “If you want him to marry you early, trap him with pregnancy!”

The irony is that you’ll only end up trapping yourself. You’re on your own.

5⃣ “Everyone aborts. As long as you both will end up together, no worries.”

Look at the life of whoever tells you this. You see their life???

6⃣ “Don’t worry about his/her infidelity. After marriage, they’ll stop.”

Marriage doesn’t cure infidelity. Infidelity is not a disease. It’s a character!

7⃣ “Love makes you do the unthinkable. Empty your account for him/her even if you wish to.”

Use your head to think as you use your heart to love. Do you know a boyfriend is not a husband?

8⃣ “If your man doesn’t beat you, it means he doesn’t love you!”

Sister, do you’ve leather for skin???

9⃣ “Even if he’s married, it doesn’t matter. Men are hard to come by lately.”

Don’t underestimate your value. You deserve better!

🔟 “If you love each other, do a blood covenant.”

Don’t start inviting demons yet! If you love each other, just go marry!

Be careful what you call advice.

The writer is a playwright, an entrepreneur and columnist with The Mirror. Like his Facebook page for more motivation.

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